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Expo Grid

Expo Grid

Expo Grid

Type: Upgrade: Region
Cost: 0
Faction: Corp The Weyland Consortium
Faction Cost: 3
When your turn begins, gain 1 [Credit] if there is a rezzed asset installed in this server.
Limit 1
region per server.
The expo was built in the East California desert: a temporary city constructed for the advancement of humanity.
Trash: 3
Set: The Universe of Tomorrow Number: 119 Quantity:
Illustrator: Maciej Rebisz
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No decks currently use this card.
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Pros: Your Pad Campaign is now twice as good


Cons: You are doing a combo with Pad Campaign

Sep 01 2015 10:29 PM

As it is an upgrade, you can protect it with Psychic Field or Snare in a separate remote server. Or combine it with Self-destruct.


Edit: I should read more thoroughly. Psychic Field would be the only sensible option out of these, I think.

Can't help but think that this, Worlds Plaza and the likes will lead to a cheap ice going something like "this ice's strength is equal to the number of cards installed in this server". Blowing the whole thing up with Singularity will be so much fun.

Sep 04 2015 05:51 PM

You run this instead of pad campaign, not in addition to. It's basically a pad campaign that doesn't need a home of its own. It also pairs well with Capital Investors to make a super-econ server. You'll hate to see Singularity, but baring that it's money money money.


Decent sidegrade card for Weyland I suppose, but a drip of one is not what I'm usually looking for in my Weyland econ packages.

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Were this influence 1 instead of 3, I think it may have found a home in quite a few Replicating Perfection decks (which is perhaps why they made it influence 3 instead of 1). As is, I don't expect to see much of it.

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