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Fisk Investment Seminar

Fisk Investment Seminar

Fisk Investment Seminar

Type: Event: Priority
Cost: 0
Faction: Runner Criminal
Faction Cost: 2
Play only as your first [Click] .
Each player draws 3 cards.

The secret to investing is networking. -Laramy Fisk
Set: The Universe of Tomorrow Number: 105 Quantity:
Illustrator: Bruno Balixa
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Corps are bad, mkay?
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Sep 01 2015 09:04 PM

While Lawyer Up is somewhat situational, Fisk Investment Seminar is an outright decent draw-engine for criminals. Not only do you gain 3 cards, but the corp also draws 3 new cards into HQ, which results in more potential targets for Nerve Agent/Legwork.

I would say that this is about Fisk and maybe Noise, trying to deck the Corp, otherwise it screws your chances for HQ fishing as it floods it.

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Sep 04 2015 05:56 PM

Actually, it can help your chances via flooding HQ. But you don't try to fish the agendas out of HQ.


Build a remote focused credit denial deck. Starve the corp of credits, locking out most fast advance strategies, and then flood their hand. Any agendas pulled are either going into a remote that you can get into or archives. 


It basically gives Criminal a better choke option and it combos very well with Account Siphon. It also helps with a common Criminal problem which is weak in faction card draw.


It is a solid card.

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Oct 14 2015 05:18 PM

So how thematically awesome would it be to play this card, run HQ, and then kill Jackson Howard with your unregistered S&W '35?

    • DrewDog likes this

So how thematically awesome would it be to play this card, run HQ, and then kill Jackson Howard with your unregistered S&W '35?


The S&W '35 is thematically awesome. Unfortunately, you'll need a Corp player who doesn't understand the timing structure to shoot JH with it, since the S&W is on the table and there's a paid ability window after every action.


In other words, the Runner succeeds at a run on HQ with both JH and S&W on the table. The Corp removes JH from the game in the paid ability window after the run is complete (following step 1.3, "Take Actions," of the turn, in the sub step "Following each action"). The S&W may then be used to shoot another Sysop, Clone, Executive, or Bioroid in a server, but JH is a bit too slippery.

I have been using this a lot in Noise virus decks, mainly to make the corp choose between milling cards or purging viruses on their next turn.... though it can be quite funny to see the corp's expression when they have a full HQ and you play this and then deja vu it straight back into your hand   

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