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Laramy Fisk

Laramy Fisk

Laramy Fisk

Type: Identity: Natural
Base Link: 0
Faction: Runner Criminal
The first time you make a successful run on a central server each turn, you may force the Corp to draw 1 card.
Minimum Deck Size/Influence Limit: 45/15
Set: The Universe of Tomorrow Number: 104 Quantity:
Illustrator: Matt Zeilinger
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No decks currently use this card.
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Sep 01 2015 09:10 PM

Combined with Vigil, Fisk Investment Seminar and Woman in the Red Dress, he has the potential to force the corp into some really bad decisions. HQ will be flooded to such an extent that the corp has to discard agendas. Or discard ICE/Operations/Assets/Upgrades to keep the agendas in HQ, which is something criminals naturally strive for.

Yeah, I get the whole HQ clogging this guy does. My concern is that my current Corp decks work by clogging HQ to move things into Archives, which works like a second HQ (a better one, really).


So, this guy makes that strategy a lot easier for the Corp, and I'm not super-thrilled at that kind of opponent-dependent strategy. I'm sure he'll disrupt plenty of approaches, but just not my current ones.

It is a neat idea, but I am not sure how well it will work in practice - the only thing that forces the Corp to draw is Fisk Investment Seminar and there are only that many in your Stack. You can always Same Old Thing them, but this seems way too situational. Woman in the Red Dress might be a staple in Fisk's decks, but it will rarely force additional draw. Also, if this guy right here starts to see play, everywhere you turn there will be Snare!


Also, most of the games I have played/watched, a same thing happens - the Corp makes some plays, gets into a position, then starts to draw to find Jackson, or has already found Jackson and starts drawing with him. So basically you are just burning those Jacksons by doing their job instead... For me Fisk is all about milling, and milling focuses RnD. Time to DLR with John Massanori and some Networking.

Sep 01 2015 09:50 PM

Unfortunately, you can't use Same Old Thing, as Fisk Investment Seminar is a priority event.

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Sep 04 2015 06:10 PM

This guy just doesn't have the chops to compete. There are criminal runners with much better abilities who still see very little play. I'd take Express over this guy any day. And Geist may not be quite there yet, but he'll just get better with every new trashable.


0 link, standard min/inf, weak ability? Gabe compares against this guy directly, and $2 credits vs 1 forced draw is not even a contest.


Also, the three new mini-faction runners are all dropping and even the weakest of them are much more interesting than this guy.


They spoiled this ID a long time ago; I don't understand why they held off on releasing him for this long. There was a window of time wherein he might have gotten some play just as a new Crim runner, for a change of pace. But Geist dropped not that long ago. 


I just don't get it...

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