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Worlds Plaza

Worlds Plaza

Worlds Plaza

Type: Asset: Facility
Cost: 2
Faction: Corp The Weyland Consortium
Faction Cost: 5
Worlds Plaza can host up to 3 assets.
[Click] : Install an asset from HQ on Worlds Plaza and rez it, lowering its rez cost by 2, if able.
The holosculpture depicts the three inhabited worlds. The square can hold almost 1% of their total population.
Trash: 5
Set: The Universe of Tomorrow Number: 116 Quantity:
Illustrator: Maciej Rebisz
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No decks currently use this card.
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Cycles rotation :)


Couldn't resist, sorry. Just add a Cyberdex in the server and your Imp problem is solved. The question is it worth it is another topic. Seeing that this is 2 to rez, 2 to lower rez cost, it can actually be used to bump the trash cost of the installed asset. Capital Investors is the card that comes to mind at once, Melange is a close second - it is one thing to trash it at 1, another to trash it at 5. Early Premiere can also use some extra protection, as well as Alelle Repression, Sundew and Alix. On the other hand, some of those have rather high influence cost, but I like the idea here.

nope i like it been sometime am trying to build a GAGARIN DEEP deck with good asset i think it will work out plus the new tour guide ice combo ( i thinks so ) its more off taxing than anything else yes if you trash it that's it but its a card that need to be protected will see how it will work out till then  

Sep 04 2015 06:27 PM

Order of play, deck slots, tempo, catastrophic risk, blah blah blah.


No thanks.

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