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Gene Conditioning Shoppe

Gene Conditioning Shoppe

Gene Conditioning Shoppe

Type: Resource: Location
Cost: 2
Faction: Runner Shaper
Faction Cost: 1
Genetics also trigger the second time each turn their trigger condition is met.
These g-mods havent hit the consumer market yet, but I can hook you up.
Set: The Valley Number: 6 Quantity:
Illustrator: James Ives
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No decks currently use this card.
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Obviously great with Adjusted Chronotype to give the Runner multiple clickless opportunities:


Want two draws, two credits, and 4 clicks to spare? You got it. (Wyldside + Hard at Work)


Want two draws or two credits with 5 clicks to spare? You got it. (Wyldside/HaW + Qianju + Joshua B.)


Want some of the above and a bunch of single-click double-events? You got it. (Any + Starlight Crusade)


The Gene Conditioning + Adjusted Chronotype combo will rehab a bunch of "meh" cards, and there's lots of room for finding not just the best combo for you, but discovering how to transition these combos through various board states. Wyldeside +HaW early, replaced by HaW + Qianju + Joshua B in the mid-game, makes a lot of sense at first glance.

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Apr 06 2015 06:45 PM

Yeah, this is a cool card and just by existing makes the Genetics cards more playable.


Also, I secretly have a crush on Elizabeth Mills and every time a new playable location enters the card pool she gets a little bump in usefulness.

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