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Type: ICE: Code Gate - Psi - AP
Cost: 1
Faction: Corp Jinteki
Faction Cost: 2
[Subroutine] You and the Runner secretly spend 0 [Credit] , 1 [Credit] , or 2 [Credit] . Reveal spent credits. If you and the Runner spent a different number of credits, the Runner draws 2 cards.
[Subroutine] Do 1 net damage.
[Subroutine] Do 1 net damage.

First, blend with the attacker. Then, control the attack.
Strength: 3
Set: Blood Money Number: 32 Quantity:
Illustrator: BalanceSheet
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Aug 11 2016 04:01 PM

Note that the first subroutine reverses the psychology behind Psi games. Also, Hyoubu Research Facility makes spending 2 credits for this much more doable, as you don't get taxed as much - while the Runner has to pay for his cards.


EDIT: Scratch the part with Hyoubu. As I said, it reverses the psychology... so you want to spend as much credits as the Runner does. The Runner, on the other hand, wants his cards as cheap as possible. Which means, both of you will spend - most of the time - 0 to 1 credit. If the Runner wants to make sure he gets his cards, he must pay 2 credits. And unless he's willing to lose them right away, he will pay another 2 credits to break subs 2 and 3.


A 3-4 credit tax that costs Nisei Division only 1 credit to rez. Fantastic! And if you're really mean, place a Lockdown in front of it.

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