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Blockade Runner

Blockade Runner

Blockade Runner

Type: Resource: Connection
Cost: 1
Faction: Runner Criminal
Faction Cost: 1
[Click] , [Click] : Draw 3 cards. Shuffle 1 card from your grip into your stack.
“I used to run stims, simsensies, the usual. I was scum. Now I run water. I’m a fragging hero.”
Set: Intervention Number: 65 Quantity:
Illustrator: Chris Peuler
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No decks currently use this card.
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What makes this card great is the fact that you can shuffle any card in from your grip; not just one of the cards you have drawn.  Picked up Levy AR Lab Access too early ... hide it on the bottom of your stack; got a second console out .. off it goes rather than cluttering up your hand; got an event you want to save for later, but you don't want to risk being trashed by damage etc etc


If you don't believe me just think back on how good the corp version of this card, Sensie Actors Union, is.


At only one Inf I can see this being splashed in a lot of decks.

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Nov 26 2016 02:18 PM

Blockade Runner or Mr. Li?

Nov 27 2016 09:46 AM

I like Mr. Li quite a bit, but sometimes you want to keep both cards drawn.


This card offers an alternative with the situational benefit of pushing cards you don't need back into the deck.


However, the double click cost will often be awkward. First click Mr. Li, 3 clicks to do stuff is sustainable, and I'll often do that more or less every turn until my rig is set or I'm happy with my hand. Two clicks Blockade Runner, 2 clicks to do stuff is a bit of a tempo problem. 


Basically, it depends on the deck which (if either) are the right selection for draw smoothing. I've also been liking Spy Camera in a Geist deck, which takes longer to build up but eventually gets to a optimal self-indexing capability. It only makes sense for Geist as in the late game he can trigger the trash effect for card draw and money or as a clutch save vs double scorch, but the draw smoothing in criminal is a nice secondary faction benefit due to having several different options. 

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