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Type: Program: Virus
Cost: 3 Memory Units: 1
Faction: Runner Anarch
Faction Cost: 3
When your turn begins, place 1 virus counter on Incubator.
[Click] , [Trash] : Move all virus counters from Incubator to another installed virus program.

What terrors hatch in her dispossessed mind, waiting for their moment to be born? My moneys on a double-helix rainbow with the head of a panda. - fakespeare
Set: The Source Number: 113 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Smirtouille
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Jan 08 2015 12:49 AM

I like this more as part of a mounting threat to encourage the Corp to purge viruses frequently, than as a sort of delayed release Surge.

    • AdorablePython likes this

Agreed that the psychological effect is probably the biggest thing here, but it could catch the corp navel gazing once in a while . . . but it's also a way to recharge an Imp (you'd want to get some purge-taxes going, I should think, or that Imp is gone in a hurry).

    • KillerShrike likes this
Jan 17 2015 11:35 PM

This card is probably not amazing in virus heavy decks, as the corp doesn't need help looking for reasons to purge.


I've been running a single copy in Shaper coupled with a single Medium. Get it out early and watch it accrue virus counters. This gives the corp 2 bad options. 1: Let it amass a stupid amount of viruses. Eventually, that's going to lead to a massive access turn. 2: Purge viruses to clear a single card. For the investment of 3 creds, a click and 1mu, I just got an extra turn, not to mention that Incubator's still on the table. 


Granted, it's not for every deck. Memory is probably one of the most precious runner resources, and any time you give up mu for a program that's not helping you get into a server, it slows you down a little. But in all the games I've played running this guy, it never seemed like a wasted investment.

    • Meadbeard, KillerShrike and AdorablePython like this
Jan 23 2015 02:11 AM

Actually, a one of supporting Chakana and Deep Thought might be interesting in a Shaper RD lock deck. Easy to tutor out early, easy to recur, easy to get more MU.

    • Meadbeard likes this

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