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Type: Program: Virus
Cost: 1 Memory Units: 1
Faction: Runner Criminal
Faction Cost: 1
Place 3 virus counters on Cache when it is installed.
Hosted virus counter: Gain 1[Credit].
Set: The Spaces Between Number: 037 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Ed Mattinian
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Great econ for NoiseShop. Synergizes nicely with Grimoire, Surge & even Scheherezade.
    • Meadbeard likes this

So, what Criminal cards does this synergize with? Any? Seems like it got shunted into Crim just to make Noise pay a bit.

Great econ for NoiseShop. Synergizes nicely with Grimoire, Surge & even Scheherezade.

Also Aesop's

Sep 26 2014 07:03 PM

Definitely a card that's in crim to make it cost influence. It's arguable that Nasir might like it too.

    • KillerShrike likes this
Sep 26 2014 08:48 PM

I got a chance to try out a revised NoiseShop deck yesterday with Cache added in and a few other tweaks. Worked out very well. Cache on Shazerade, sweep money, feed Cache to Pawnshop on the next term. Relatively easy money.

Has to fit a specific deck (Nasir, Noise). If not, it's worse than easy mark or infiltration.

Feb 28 2015 06:59 PM

Synergizes with Kate/CybSoft Macrodrive/Cyberfeeder, so it's a free install. Put it on Scheherazade to gain an additional credit and after it's empty you can saw it off using Aesop.

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