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Blue Sun: Powering the Future

Blue Sun: Powering the Future

Blue Sun: Powering the Future

Type: Identity: Corp
Faction: Corp The Weyland Consortium
When your turn begins, you may add 1 rezzed card to HQ and gain credits equal to its rez cost.
Minimum Deck Size/Influence Limit: 45/15
Set: Up and Over Number: 068 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Emilio Rodriguez
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No decks currently use this card.
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Long anticipated, spoiled a long time ago. Here we go:


At a standard use this is not an economy card:

Gaining back the money you previously paid while returning a rezzed card you had installed has a name: lose a click!


Yet it opens doors for shenanigans:


- Blue Sun + Oversight AI or BER + Wotan, Janus or Curtain Wall = Money

But in such a case you have to head for a plan. what am I going to do with that money? Re-install and re-rez the ice to remove the condition? This is good but this is click costing: 1 to install ice, 1 to play OAI/BER, 1 re-rez ice.

That makes 3 clicks? Plus 1 or 3 credits (OAI/BER). Isn't Eliza's Toybox better?


- Blue Sun + Eliza's Toybox + Wotan, Janus or Curtain Wall = Money

Twice more than a Melange mining corp turn. But it costs an extra click to rez the ice.


- Need money to score an agenda? OK.

Your turn begins. You've just been siphoned to 0 credits. You have a 4/2 agenda with 1 advancement token installed. It is protected by an un-rezzed ice that costs 4. Looks bad.

Now you can return a 3+ cost rezzed card to your hand and score. Looks better.


To play this ID at full capacity (each turn), you have to consider you're playing with 2 clicks a turn instead of 3.


But it can be considered from an uneconomical point of view. It can:


- Return cards to HQ to bulk it up in order to protect agenda from access.

- Against Nasir, return your rezzed pop-up windows to gain 0. re-install it outermost. Ridiculous and awesome.

- Against Kit, return a code gate to re-install it outermost.

- Return ices to make them protect another server

- Remove 1 bad pub a turn (for a click) with Elizabeth Mills.

- Return your draco to reboot it as a 20-strength ice once you got damn rich !

- Return asset/agenda/upgrade to install them on another server. Great with Simone or Off the Grid.

- Recycle your dead ices: You have a rezzed enigma. Your opponent runs Yog.0 that you can't destroy. Why not gain 3 anyway?


But to me, Blue Sun is optimized in constantly rebooting drip economy assets.


It allows to reboot counters on install cards. It is awesome with Eve Campaign:

When Eve has 2 credits left and your turn begins, instead of gaining 2 and trashing Eve, return it to HQ and gain 5.

Use these 5 to re-install Eve and enjoy 7 more turns of money.

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Also good against Parasite, Femme, any Caissa


Good for rearranging suboptimal ICE arrangements, especially due to runner initiated ICE-borking activities (Escher; Copycat).


Good against Kit; good against Quetzal


Better for all of those things with Amazon.

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I like this for a scorch-approach. The sudden  money-boost of picking up an Eve or a Curtain Wall will generally mean you win if you're in a race for cash.

Oct 17 2014 07:30 PM

I played with this a while back (using a proxy) and had a curtain wall in front of Amazon Industrial Zone + The Root. That lets you click for six credits each turn, which is pretty good. In addition, because I was re-installing the curtain wall each turn, I could build a huge server and keep it on the outside.


All the utility mentioned here is also very nice. In general, a sick ID.

Okay, if no-one else will say it, I will: this ID is stupidly powerful.


Combined with Oversight AI (with, say, Curtain Wall or Janus) this is 3 clicks for 13-14 credits.*  Not to mention the added gain in being able to rearrange and rerez Ice.  Also extremely good in combination with The Root.  This is miles ahead of any similar ID ability.  You don't need to do that much in order to have all the credits you need for the game, so don't expect that Corp would need to use this ability every turn - just a few times.  (I have playtested this and it is every bit as ruinous as it looks on paper.)


Expect to see this ID ruin tournament play for a while, until it is either hosed or (better yet) banned.




* Supporting Calculation: There are 2 clicks to play the Ice with Oversight AI on it and 1 click to draw to replace loss of Oversight AI.  Gain 14-15 credits minus 1 credit for cost of Oversight AI.

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Oct 21 2014 12:02 PM

This ID makes Weyland viable, yes, but there's nothing broken about it. Besides providing a few decent combos ( which other factions have in plenty, corp and runner alike ) it doesn't offer that much. There're plenty of ways to deal with big ICE these days not to mention Nasir ( 14 creds for curtain wall, thank you ) also Social Engineering. It's also quite weak against aggro runner, since your ability lets recycle ice in one place and you loose clicks for re installing. Also this ID doesn't provide that extra cred for transactions. 

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This ID is insane. Turn 1 oversight AI+Curtain Wall is ridiculous, and there aren't a ton of ways to stop it. Inside Job/Sneakdoor + Shutdown, David, Quetzal+E3, Corroder/Lady + Stimhack... Definitely not easy, considering you need those cards in your starting hand. Anarch definitely does the best against it, specifically Quetzal, but hell, the corp might as well try it cause it's so low risk and such a high reward. Also, if Criminal manages to get off a shutdown, forcing them to waste it on an oversighted ice is great. Even if you have to substitute Curtain Wall with something lower cost, like Tollbooth or Hadrian, it's still a great opening play.


Femme and Knight are next to useless against Blue Sun as well. You can use them for 1 turn before the corp just returns the ice to their hand and plays it again. Femme is so essential for fighting against things like Tollbooth, and now that just doesn't work anymore. No more knighting Lotuses either, which is huge against anarchs which don't really have any other in-faction way of dealing with them aside from Crypsis. Parasite is much less effective because you have to kill the ice the same turn you play it. No more waiting a couple turns for the tokens to build up before finishing it off with suckers. Want to kill a tollbooth? You need 5 suckers, a click and 2 creds to play parasite, a click to run, and at least 3 creds to lose to tollbooth and get through the ice in front of it. That is a ton of setup. Slightly easier if you can clone chip/SMC/workshop the parasite into play at the end of the Corp's turn or if you have a Grimoire out, but you still need 4 suckers. This is huge against all runners, but is particularly devastating against Noise, who typically just spams parasite and waits for things to die or get within Surge/sucker range.


Recurring Adonis is obviously nuts, especially cause Blue Sun has such an easy time protecting it. This can give you a ton of money very fast, easily negating the fact that you don't get a bonus cred for transactions. The runner NEEDS to get in and trash your Adonis. They can't just sit back and go "oh well, he'll net 8 creds, which is a fair amount, but in a couple turns it'll be gone". No, if you don't get in to kill it, corp gets so much money that they can rez all their juicy Tollbooths, Curtain Walls and Hadrians'. 


Speaking of tons of money, what about Scorch? Not only do they have an amazing money option in the form of recurring Adonis, but they can always return their biggest piece of ice at the start of their turn to get a huge influx of cash needed to get off a SEA combo. It is so difficult to stay ahead of Blue Sun in economy to prevent SEAs that you'll need a placrete out within the first few turns or else you'll have to stop running. Blue Sun also has the money to use Counterstrike, Power Grid Overload, and now Taurus effectively, so those are additional things the runner has to watch out for.

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I agree. This ID is insane totally. To win with this ID does not have any merit for me and it could be boring sooner or later.


All the time the same thing: Oversight AI or BER + a big ice (Curtain Wall frequently), earn a lot credits like this and wait until the runner makes a run succesfully so then the corp plays SEA Source + 2x Scorched Earth or if the runner stole any agenda play a few Punitive Counterstrike. The third option to win is by scoring agenda as usual but it is not frequently I guess with this ID.


After I said that, I wanna ask something: What's the point to play with this ID? It is funny to the runner losing all the times by the same way or for the corp winning as well?


If I were the creator of this game I would ban this card. The only one in this game that I like so much.

Dec 22 2015 07:28 PM
It seems like this card would be amazing with the Haas advertisements.

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