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Labyrinthine Servers

Labyrinthine Servers

Labyrinthine Servers

Type: Agenda: Security
Advancement Cost: 5
Faction: Corp Jinteki
Place 2 power counters on Labyrinthine Servers when you score it.
Hosted power counter: Prevent the Runner from jacking out. The Runner cannot jack out for the remainder of this run.
Agenda Points: 3
Set: Up and Over Number: 063 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Lili Ibrahim
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Another 3/5 Jinteki!


If you score this, you now might have a chance to bring to bear all the really complicated traps you've spent years building (and rejecting from your decks), and make the runner's life a living hell (well, briefly living).


Then again, maybe all those complicated traps will prove too complicated after all, but at least this gives you a shot.

Oct 20 2014 05:22 PM

It's nice to have options, but...this card is just not good generally speaking, in my opinion.


A tricky-trappy deck with porous gauntlet ice generally is going to have a more difficult time scoring a 5/3 in the first place. And then once it is scored, it will sit there in the scored area plain to see.


Basically, traps work best versus less skilled or overly aggressive players, or when the Corp is sitting at game point and thus the Runner has forced plays. Better players are adept at dealing with the board state. When this card is scored the Runner is aware of the board state it creates, and can play around it unless the Corp is at game point and their plays are being forced...which is exactly the same case as when this card is not scored. So what does it add exactly?


If this were attached to a 3/1 with say 1 token that would be a maybe-include in a core set Jinteki deck where it serves a dual purpose of effect + net damage. But at 5/3, in a faction that has Future Perfect...um not so much.

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