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Reversed Accounts

Reversed Accounts

Reversed Accounts

Type: Asset: Hostile
Cost: 0
Faction: Corp NBN
Faction Cost: 1
Reversed Accounts can be advanced.
[Click], [Trash]: The Runner loses 4[Credit] for each advancement token on Reversed Accounts.
Set: Up and Over Number: 066 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Antonio De Luca
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1 influence is great.

I will try that badass(et) in my Tennin Institute deck.
This + Mushin no shin can hurt


Just wish the trash cost was a bit higher.
Because, as a runner accessing this with 4 advancement tokens, I would trash it even if trash cost was 10. It's still better than to lose 16.

Oct 15 2014 07:58 PM

It seem to me that you're more likely to just stick one token on it. Then you can spend a turn to double advance and click it to spike the runner for 12.

Trash it for one click is great if you're already ahead of the Runner in terms of credits.
Because it would cost you 3 clicks + 1 credit = 4 CE to make the runner lose... 4.

So it would not make you win the economic war.


Yet I agree that your suggestion is more likely to occur than mine.


Against Vamp or Siphon it is better to have the runner lose clicks than gain credits too.

So this is the mirror counterpart to GRNDL refinery depending on your game plan + the meta. 

It's a more flexible Ronin, for money.


It will work well in Jinteki, where the runner typically isn't going to face-check into advanced cards.

I agree. The element of surprise could be great since Runner might avoid what he thinks is a trap.

Oct 20 2014 03:52 AM

Paired with Mushin No Shin or Tenin...not too shabby.


By itself advanced the hard way...still decent but not as awesome. However, even still, there might be some circumstances that make playing it the hard way not horrible. For instance, it could work ok at setting up a next turn scoring window for a 4/2 agenda (click trash an advanced reversed accounts, install and advance a 4/2 agenda...next turn Runner is broke and can't run...next Corp turn score out).

Jan 23 2015 03:00 AM

Update: I've been playing with this for a bit, and it's proven to be a good tempo changer. It works best with Mushin where it is basically a no-brainer. The best part of the card is that unlike most traps, it is never "dead". It is most similar to Ronin in that it is fully under the corporations control when to trigger it, there is no trace, and it isn't easily counterable. And in fact it combos with Ronin very well as face down either could be the other, making the runner guess. Mix in Junebug or Cererbral or another advanceable trap of your choice that triggers on access and you've got a dangerous little engine as the runner is hosed if they guess wrong (i.e. standard Ronin games but with one more viable threat as a wildcard).


Combined with efficient to rez taxing and punishing ice, and a well timed reversed accounts can make it impossible for the runner to run for at least one turn and sometimes several turns while they rebuild thier bank.

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