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Eden Shard

Eden Shard

Eden Shard

Type: Resource: Virtual - Source
Cost: 7
Faction: Runner Neutral
Faction Cost: 1
Whenever you make a successful run on R&D, instead of accessing cards, you may install Eden Shard from your grip, ignoring all costs.
[Trash]: The Corp draws 2 cards. Limit 1 per deck.
Set: Upstalk Number: 020 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Seage
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Jul 19 2014 05:38 PM

I was struggling to see the use in this... Perhaps Shapers could play some games with this? R&D abuse to force some ice. Then Index when down on credits, push agendas (if any) to the top, then install / trash to force draws. Easy HQ run for score. But that seems like a bit of work :/

Jul 27 2014 01:08 AM

There's lots of uses for this card (getting rid of trash after a Makers Eye run, just getting more cards in archives by forcing the corp to discard at the end of the turn, getting cards in hand to access with Nerve Agent, etc.) but the cost is far too high.  7 credits is a lot to spend on a card that doesn't guarantee an advantage.

Jul 27 2014 11:31 AM

Well, if this is ever installed manually, there's a problem. I'm pretty sure its only install method will be through an R&D run (which makes sense for a post-Maker's cleanup). Seems to have good synergy with Shaper / Anarchy, of course.

Immediately post-maker's won't work, correct?  You can only install for free instead of accessing cards, so you'd have to maker's, then run again with no card access to install for free.  You could then trash to force the draw, then maybe run again.  Following first run of a medium dig is presumably good, as you won't care about seeing cards first click as you'll see more later.

Jul 30 2014 01:42 AM

By post-maker's I mean assuming this is already installed (perhaps in an early-game run). So with this installed, you run with maker's and if two of them remain, use this. Though, I see this'll be better used after a Medium dig. The fact this is limited to 1 per deck minimizes its effectiveness, if you ask me, especially since runners have no way to get resources back (other than Levy, DeJaVu). They'd still require an R&D run to install, which at that point might cost them at least half the install.

Sep 17 2014 05:53 AM

As far as I can tell, the main reason this card exists is to provide a direct way to shut down the Weyland PS/AD combo (and potentially other dump the deck recursion tricks). Other possible uses seem pretty fringe to me.

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