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Mother Goddess

Mother Goddess

Mother Goddess

Type: ICE: Mythic
Cost: 4
Faction: Corp Neutral
Faction Cost: 0
Mother Goddess gains the subtypes of all other rezzed ice.
[Subroutine] End the run.
Strength: 4
Set: Upstalk Number: 010 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Liiga Smilshkalne
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Here's my question on her: If you have only 3 Mother Goddess' rezzed I'm guessing the runner has no means to break it?

It's unique, so you're only allowed to rez one. But yes, you'd need Knight or an AI to break it.

Jul 19 2014 05:43 PM

Looking forward to trying this out. Data Mine, Chimera, Whirlpool trap servers, Himitsu Bako (for remote protection)... Yep. Jinteki's got a new toy, and I'm renaming this Amaterasu. :)

At first, I thought it said "subroutines" instead of "subtypes." I went a little crazy until I wised up.

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@Enzayne, whoops, didn't see that it was unique. Thanks for pointng that out. :)

Jul 20 2014 08:46 PM

That means this can gain NEXT as well as Bioroid. 


This could be a really interesting card.

Jul 20 2014 11:17 PM

Wow, didn't consider the NEXT ice! HB just got a great toy, too :D

Great card for Stronger Together. 4 rez 5 strength EtR and can't be clicked? yes please.

New guy in game here, how can this be of any help in play? which are ice subtypes exactly?

Code Gate, Barrier, Sentry, Mythic, Illicit, Tracer etc etc. All the words that proceed ICE on your Ice cards.

Thanks gazzam. If this is the case, then it can be broken by any type of program, right?

No. It gains the subtypes of all other rezzed ice. For example, if the only ice you had rezzed was this and a Wall of Static, then you could only break Mother Goddess subroutines with a barrier icebreaker. As the game proceeds and you rez a Pop-up Window, Mother Goddess can now be broken with a barrier or code gate breaker. So on and so forth. Without any other rezzed ice Mother Goddess can only be broken by general purpose breakers like Wyrm, Atman, Overmind etc.

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Bozfoogle got it. When nothing else is rezzed, Mother Goddess can only be broken with AI breakers. As you rez more ICE, it gets more and more susceptible to decoders, fracters, and killers, since Mother Goddess will start picking up code gate, barrier, and sentry subtypes from your other rezzed ICE.


Mother Goddess is strong early ICE, which gets weaker as the game progresses (because the runner can pick the most efficient breaker to get through it). Once it has gained the code gate, barrier, and sentry subtypes, any of your typical breakers will get through it, so the runner will use the cheapest one.


Note how strong it is with NEXT ICE, however (since it gains the NEXT subtype once you rez NEXT ICE: the NEXT ICE then treats Mother Goddess as other NEXT ICE). There are other effects that can work too, but Mother Goddess is usually best early.

Does her ability work while in hand? Specifically, can I display her from hand as part of the grail ability when the runner encounters an in-play grail ice?

Does her ability work while in hand? Specifically, can I display her from hand as part of the grail ability when the runner encounters an in-play grail ice?


I would not think so.  Most card text is not active unless installed/rezzed unless it specifically says so on the card.


More specifically, I'm pretty sure all cards that have text working when not installed have some kind of "when accessed..." clause.

Does her ability work while in hand? Specifically, can I display her from hand as part of the grail ability when the runner encounters an in-play grail ice?


Well, since Mother Goddess lacks the key word "Grail," it is not a legal target for Grail ICE that's in-play. It gains sub-types when it's active, since the card text is an ability.


/problem solved


If you want the chain of rules:


-- An inactive card's abilities do not affect the game and cannot be triggered (Rulebook, page 5)

-- Cards in HQ are inactive (Rulebook, page 6)

-- A card has all of its subtypes while inactive (FAQ 2.1, page 5)


Mother Goddess has the subtype "Mythic" while in HQ.

Jan 20 2017 10:32 PM

In Architects of Tomorrow, she becomes a bioroid. So when the Runner passes her, another bioroid can be rezzed for 4 credits less.


Plus, Ravana 1.0 may use her ETR subroutine.

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