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Punitive Counterstrike

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Punitive Counterstrike

Punitive Counterstrike

Type: Operation: Black Ops
Cost: 3
Faction: Corp The Weyland Consortium
Faction Cost: 2
Trace5 - If successful, do meat damage to the Runner equal to the number of agenda points on agendas he or she stole during his or her last turn.
Set: True Colors Number: 079 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Lorraine Schleter
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This card is annoyingly good. I don't really like the design very much. It will be a huge blow to low econ aggressive runner decks, which weren't seen very often in the first place. It isn't going to hurt any other runner archetypes nearly as much because they either won't be stealing agendas until the late game, at which point they will have an economic advantage to beat those traces, or they'll be rich (account siphon decks) in the early game after stealing agendas and won't worry about the traces. I feel like overall this card will have a negative impact on the game.
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For me it's great card to fend of early rush runner decks, and even more economic savvy ones will have to watch out for 3 of those played in succession - with some new cards in the jinteki/criminal big pack this will be huge boost for wayland.
over-rated ... 2 meat damage is just a tickle for the runner ... nothing major... I would save the 3 credits for midsummer replacements instead
Make it 2 of those and the tickle starts to hurt. And I'm not very sure whether I want to steal a 3 point agenda if this is around.

over-rated ... 2 meat damage is just a tickle for the runner ... nothing major... I would save the 3 credits for midsummer replacements instead

A combo that comes to mind is dedicated response team + data raven + punitive counter strike + 5/3 agenda in another remote.
If the runner steals the agenda, you can put them out of running for awhile. With data raven, the runner is incredibly scared about the tag so they spend a click to remove the tag.
If they don't score, you score 3 agenda points.

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