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Starlight Crusade Funding

Starlight Crusade Funding

Starlight Crusade Funding

Type: Resource
Cost: 1
Faction: Runner Neutral
Faction Cost: 0
When your turn begins, lose [Click].
Ignore any additional costs on each double event you play.
Set: True Colors Number: 069 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Nate Stefan
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The fun has been doubled!
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We have a new competitor for worst card in the game, and boy is it a strong candidate with the current card pool. Definitely worse than Hard at Work, and that's saying something.
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Cards with type "Double" include:

Eureka!, Frame Job, Hostage, Lawyer Up, Queen's Gambit, Running Interference, Scavenge, and Singularity.

A Queen's Gambit + Singularity combo comes to mind: Make money while trashing an ambush or asset, but there's a chance you might score an agenda if you don't expose first. Maybe you could throw in a Hostage into "The source" first just to be sure. Not so bad if you look at the possibilities, and you don't have to play it until you're ready to lay down your Double combo(s). Hostage could also fish out an aesop's for you, when you're done with SCF. There are more synergies we haven't thought of i'm sure.
Yeah, but you're still losing a click every turn. You have to play two doubles every turn to get a benefit, and I really don't see that happening. This really seems like a "Bad Johnny" card
The more I think about it, this card only ever makes sense as a one shot. This necessitates aesop's, which is fine, because Hostage is a double. SCF basically becomes SCF -> Hostage into Aesop's, then play one or two double's. For example, SCF -> Account Siphon -> Lawyer up, then finish with a Hostage. Pay net of 5 credits, gain up to 10, draw 3, and now you have aesop's out. If you have at least one double in your hand from the Lawyer up, you can keep SCF out for another turn. It works with any Double card + Hostage. If aesop's is already out, any two double's will work.
Dunno if Darksbane will possibly read this but, a small typo in the faction line: "Runner NBN" should be "Runner Neutral".
Scavenge isn't a Double-Event iirc. Power nap is.
Note that it says "ignore any additional costs," so that if it ever happens that there are Double events with additional costs beyond 1 click, (or ways to play such events that add additional costs), you will be able to ignore those costs as well. This strikes me as a card that seems really bad now, but may grow to be quite useful in the future.
Jan 18 2014 11:48 AM
If the "Forfeit an Agenda" on Frame job would have been an additional cost, this card would have at least some potencial, sadly this is not the case.
Jan 22 2014 05:36 PM
Wait until Double Time before you judge this too harshly.

After Double Time, if this is still terrible, then go nuts ^_^
Still, wouldn't it be nice to actually get a healthy mix of doubles to use it on first? :(
Am I the only one who looked at this card and said "I'm going to make the worst deck ever with this card and I'm going to love it".
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I still believe that Hard at Work is worse. The main difference is that this one costs 1 whereas HaW costs 5. With pawnshop it is as good as clicking twice for credits ;)
Apr 03 2015 06:16 PM

Adjusted Chronotype makes this viable in conjunction with a big load of double events. I will definitely try that out.

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Yep this card is featuring in Hayley machine style decks where the lose click cost is negated. Really helps with click compression but is a combo card so not necessarily top tier

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