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Development Hell 2.0

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    Idea at the core of this deck is to make a MASSIVE ice tower on R&D and score out of hand w/ fast advance cards (trick of light + biotic labor). If you cannot score out of hand us REWORK to throw your agenda behind the massive R&D server.

    In any game of netrunner, unless their rig blew up, the runner will get in. It's a matter of matter of how hard you make it. If it's expensive enough they won't be able to run each turn and since the ice tower is on R&D the percentages of draws are stacked against them.

    Alternatively, if you can't get the tower up, aren't drawing fast advance/rework or are playing Noiseshop, you can always play this as a TRADITIONAL fast advance deck. It works!

    Some other things I should mention:

    Archived Memories: brilliant against noise, great for getting fast advance deck, or if you're desperate, then economy too!

    Eli, Ice Wall, Shadow: These are brilliant on R&D. Eli is expensive if they're not clicking (and if they are, you wasted their turn essentially) - Shadow, if pumped, will return $ as they run into it - Ice wall is obvious, if you're stalling might as well build it up in the meantime.

    It helps to have some ice on remotes and HQ just to make things less convenient (say, for bankjobs, viruses like datasuckers). but the focus is R&D.

    Some are suggesting Melange in place of pads - by all means go for it! PADS + Adonis function as expensive to trash cards that can net you money. Even if they trash them right away you at least get a credit for the install.

    All agendas are 2 points to make the game more tedious for the runner, especially having to hit R&D for all of them (ideally). Alternatives? Get some false leads in there for the sake of making the game more frustrating for the runner.
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    I like your breakdown of this deck's strategy, and I love the idea of using Tricks instead of SanSans. My only qualm is that a credit denial runner could get control of the game if you don't have the front door to HQ battened down. It may just be the current meta in our area, but I button up HQ with my hard ETR ICE and R&D with my "tax you" stuff, at least in the early game.
    good call - i haven't played it in a while but i might revisit it tonight.

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