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    r2 of the deck. Originally had one more bioroid efficiency committee and changed that out to another minelayer as those have turned out amazing.

    I called my first designed Has deck my turtle deck as it's oversized and slow but fairly rock steady with defense for economy and whatever. That version also benefited greatly from research station as I used that to d ue my HQ and just use milange turn after turn even without discard.

    Since then I really got into fast advanced decks and started making a mix of the two which I loving called my tortoise deck. The staple in those were biotic labors with two sansan city grids and a decent bit of ice. While I could now score ice out of hand and only had to truly worry about a single economy remote server and my mains, I found myself afraid to use accelerated beta test which I used to love.

    Now this iteration, I'm back to maximizing the ice% as best as possible and did throw alittle tortoise in there for good measure as I wanted to test arcology ai over the biotics. While the cards I'm testing may still need testing to make a good judgement on them I've found Alix and minelayer shine like diamonds.

    If you can, get minelayers on r&d and or HQ asap, mostly depending on your opponent's typical goal really. the beauty here is that not only do you 'save clicks AND bits' install ice, but minelayer triggers classic haas' gain a bit too! Even better, it even triggers Alix! so you're now saving money, clicks and earning money on their turn as well!

    Other thoughts are that arcology can end up being more reliable than biotic labor as you can set it up to fast advance several different agendas over time rather than just the one shot. That saves us slots and money as we dont have to focus on archive recurrence.

    With bioroid efficiency not being critical still, I've considered ping it in favor of the 3rd minelayer, (actually planning to do that right away now) and maybe consider swapping hadrians for a popup window and an archer? Maybe go back to a copy of research station.

    I can see the deck possible having a fit against really focused economy denial, moreso if theyre exceptionally blitzy but the deck really can stave off runner steals for quite awhile as the % of agendas is so low relatively.
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    I like the deck I took it as inspiration for making a similar deck. I'm quite fond of the ability to blank score a 3/2 agenda with SanSan city grid or Haas Arcology AI. With that key in mind I've added 1 Director Haas asset and as many 3/2 agendas I could with 1 6/2 agenda also for the +1 click.

    Instead of Ash I like Tyr's hand much better since Ash works once and it's trashed. Tyr's hand you trash another card and a broken end the run is not broken anymore.

    I prefer smaller decks too I tried making it a 49 card deck but settled with 54 to keep a rough 50% ice to none ice ratio (excluding agendas)
    With tyr vs ash, I find it the other way around. Tyr works once as you have to trash tyr itself as part of the ability. Ash leaves it to the runner to trash on access. After getting through the stacks of ice, I find ash is more useful as you will ensure theyre stopped so long as you have spare credits. If you don't care so much about protecting against the access, you can even balance the trace so they can access if they give up all or majority their bits and wont have enough left to kill ash but still enough to access. Really it creates an additional cost to run.

    My direct problem with tyr, it's useless against an actual icebreaker. You prevent a break and they pay another bit to break again. Against E3, it costs them another click. It's best used for our ice that requires the full 3 clicks or more to break through. Also I think you'd have a timing issue in most gameplay where they'll say "I click through Ichi 1.0" and you go "I rez tyr and prevent the break on the trash a program". Since it ought to be done taking turns as a reaction to them breaking that specific routine. They'd likely get the chance to clarify that they click to break the trash, which you then respond to prevent. and they opt to click to break the trash again, click to break the 2nd trash and opt to let the trace go off.
    Really you'd be best to request clarification on which they break in what order but that broadcasts intent.

    Anyway I like my rants. Glad the deck inspired you, let me know how your's works for you and also how Tyr performs for you. I haven't honestly tried it myself yet.

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