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    Deck was d to Cyber exodus replacing Mandatory upgrades with Project Vitruvius. This also saw the removal of two archived memories.
    A few other unplaytested tweaks include ping one milange and merging two small agendas to a 3pt to fit in more ice. Also ping biotic labor in favor of higher ice % using sherlock and viper.

    First turn: an 8 cost ice and take two bits get 8 bits for rez. Should go on a central server Either HQ or R&D depending on opponents identity & hand contents. Alternatively two smaller ice one on each is also a good start.

    Subsequent turns: try to install one card a turn to maximize identity bonus. Stack ice on HQ and R&D high with an occasional piece on a single remote server. Ice Archives just a few pieces with end the run if going against Criminal or Noise.

    Get Milange up in the single remote server and just farm it for bits for several turns when you can. (Also possible to hide it behind a single ice on a 2nd remote) Research stations let you easily bloat your hand so no worries about discarding useful stuff on a Milange turn.

    When you have a stacked deathtrap of a remote server and enough bits to rez everything + some extra (Needed to defend a second run against a central or perhaps a forged activation order) or perhaps even just a trace from ASH if they actually manage to get through. squeeze in an agenda install.

    The idea is that a strong enough agenda server will keep anything out in combination with ASH especially.

    Prior version of the deck also ran biotic labor to 1 turn install&score my 2 point agendas. May make a comeback.

    Super high % of ice will let you aggressively use accelerated beta test for devastating effect.

    Bloated hand laced with snares dissuades HQ runs. and R&D runs that get through may accidentally fry the runner by chance.

    I have quite a good record with the deck prior to changes and am thinking the new changes are only going to make it even better.
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    Feb 27 2013 05:46 AM
    This deck wins games. Or maybe it's that this guy's a natural turtle. :)

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