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HB Next Design


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    Lots of ice and few agendas make it slow game and build up eventual wall they can't get through.

    Any suggestions be great
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    My question is why next design?
    Looking at this (and your comment) your playing a slow game (your econ is slow and your agendas are designed for a long game) while NEXT design's ability is entirely front loaded. Stronger together would make your opponent pay more (datasuckers if fixed and credits if not) which will add up over the length of the game. Or you could run EtF for 1 credit every turn (well give or take a few) making for even more moneys to rez/install more ice.

    Personally I'd probably consider ST if your not having money issues as you don't have ways to leverage extra money besides installing more ice.
    only problem with ST is the change in ice strengths (in case of atman) it'll make your 3/4/5 strength area (if I'm not mistaken) become 3/5/7 ice instead of 6/7/2 ice. This might actually strengthen the atman matchup by spreading ice strengths out even further (the 7 strength heimdalls don't hurt either)
    I find that starting game with six free clicks is so nice and frees up what can do first turn. The plus strength is nice but overall Don't see it being better most games. It eventually could add up more but think I'm going to relook the ice and try to punish there economy that way

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