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Horizontal NBN: no right choice

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    As stated in my deck teaser, this deck was built to make the runner feel as hopeless as possible. Much of the ice in the deck has a "when encountered" ability, so even if the runner breaks the ice, there are still consequences to be had. The assets in this deck are a core source of it's power, but all have a brutal trash cost for the runner that is made even more unappealing by the presence of splashed encryption protocols. Even when totally unprotected, this leaves the runner with the no-win option of having to spend an uncomfortable amount of his/her own credits just to stem the tide of trickle economy and taxation. Next, the NBN agendas come out fast and hard when the runner has to give up pressure to deal with tags and trying to trash your assets. The new TGTBT makes a strong appearance as an extra tag to deal with even if stolen, and leaves a horrible taste in the runner's mouth when followed by midseason replacements. Finally, in the event of unlucky R&D digs, punitive counterstrike comes into play to supplement the already standard existing threat of scorched earth for a flatline.

    I've played with and against this deck a lot recently, and I must admit that I'm quite proud of it. Because of its lack of focus on purely tag-and-bag or fast advance alone, the corp is offered flexibility to execute whatever strategy is most advantageous at the time without having to wait for all of the pieces of either to fall into place. The most glorious (and hilarious) scenario that I've encountered multiple times now is a runner who has to find a way to deal with multiple city surveillances at once, spending multiple credits just to stay tag free, while building up enough money to trash them.

    Because of encryption protocol, this deck can leave marked accounts and pad campaigns un-iced yet still completely unappealing to trash, and the more worthwhile assets such as city surveillance, sansan, and encryption protocol itself will often have at least one ice to break through on top of their still relatively high trash costs.

    Flare and private security force both have the potential to hack away at installed plascretes, leaving the runner scared of flatline. Chimera and tollbooth provide surprisingly effective protection in the early and mid/late game (respectively) the scoring server and central servers alike. RSVP shines at making a successful trash of city surveillance and encryption protocol just that much more expensive, but could add stopping power to more critical servers as well when in a pinch. Finally, snoop provides essential information, non-preventable damage threat, and a great expense to break for a reasonable price to the corp.

    So far I have experienced very few overall weaknesses to this deck. Occasionally I run into money issues when my marked accounts and pad campaigns refuse to come out of R&D, and the lack of true barriers (not chimera) could potentially be a weakness, but an unknowing runner is likely to waste time and money installing a fracter anyways because it is just good runner policy. Even though there are no barriers, the deck's other ice have plenty of stopping power on their own, or at least the potential for it. The sentry-heavy nature of the deck is very taxing for the runner to deal with even with the most efficient of breakers, and the somewhat yog-resistant RSVP and tollbooth help ensure that even codegates must be dealt with. All-in-all, I rarely feel unprotected, poor, or helpless, and I always feel I have some amount of control during all stages of the game.

    Due to its lack of burst economy and dependence on assets, I would assume that this deck will have some issues when facing account siphon recursion decks (but what corp doesn't), and theoretically my hard-to-trash horizontal strategy could be foiled by anybody running imp or whizzard, but I feel comfortable with being weak to the small percentage of players who fall into this category.
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    I like the concepts behind this deck it has a jinteki feel, Ill tweek it a little - i kinda wanna try Interns in this deck, if they do trash something you like, just bring it back.

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