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Making a better tomorrow, this turn.

NBN Fast Advance
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    This deck focuses on the following concepts:
    - NBN has amazing fast-advance abilities.
    - Sentry ICE is expensive to break.
    - Runners don't like to be tagged (and avoid traces, if possible).
    - Trashing programs gives the Corp a huge advantage.

    But there are clear disadvantages:
    - 10 ICE do not have explicit ETR subroutines.
    - Rototurret is weak and expensive to buff with Corporate Troubleshooter.
    - Runners don't mind tags/traces in times of desperation.
    - Tagged runners have no devastating consequences.
    - Ichi 1.0 can provide a false sense of security.

    Possible card swaps:
    - Remove a Rototurret and Corporate Troubleshooter for an Aggressive Secretary and another card (e.g. Wall of Static, Psychographics) if you like traps.
    - Swap one/both Closed Accounts for one/both Psychographics if you like the Breaking News, Psychographics combo.
    - Swap one or both Ichi 1.0 for Neural Katana and/or Archer (Breaking News makes Archer worthwhile) depending on your preference.
    - Swap all Enigma for Wall of Static to make Decoders less relevant.
    - Ice Wall or Rototurret for Chum, which combos well with Corporate Troubleshooter.
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