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    Corp play strategy always seems to depend on your Runner and starting hand.

    General tips:
    - Use matrix analyzer to advance Ice Wall, traps, and agendas.
    - Matrix analyzer should rarely be your first line of defense.
    - One scored Astro Pilot Program will make the other two much easier to score
    - One scored Astro Pilot Program will allow you to tag a runner with Breaking News and still have a click to hurt them.

    Personal Play-style:

    I like to slow-play this deck, drawing only a single card per turn. This is, of course, situational as drawing may be necessary to protect a weak server, but with 20 Ice you should have a decent line of defense from turn one.

    Additionally, I typically only play a single remote server. This play choice comes from playing against Gabe (a lot) and there are many reasons to play a single remote server against Gabe: a) weak remote servers make Bank Run a free 8 credits; b) Archives need better protection against Sneakdoor runs; c) Inside Job is more effective against thin protection. It's possible you don't need to be so conservative against other Runners, but there are other benefits to a single remote server: a) One remote server is easier to defend; b) With 3 upgrades, 3 assets, and 5 traps you can easily force the runner to spend credits on a red herring (so to speak). Ideally you throw an agenda on the server when the Runner's pants are down (i.e. closed accounts)

    The advantage I've found to slow playing my hand and playing a single remote server is that I can spend more time increasing my bank roll and advancing my Ice Walls. Again, it's situational; and just like any other Corp, you'll need to be clever if you find yourself sitting around with an HQ full of Agenda.
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