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NBN Controller

NBN Control
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    Ash + ChiLo + Datapool
    Shadow/Caduseus + Making News + Big Bro + Psychographics

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    Do you have enough economy cards in there? I only see Pad campaigns and Hedge Funds.

    Oh, Caduceus and Shadow could also provide some income. Good ideas!
    yes... caduceus and shadow do the heavy lifting economically in this deck. in my play tests i've actually been very pleased with how many credits they generate for me. mostly i've ended up using the pad campaigns more as bait to get the runner to waste clicks and credits.

    coincidentally while i've loved NBN flavor/style-wise since the beginning this is my first build with them that i feels actually works economically.
    I really dig this build. Thanks for posting it up!
    cyber exodus update: swap Shadow for Viper. Or would it mess with the economy?
    dude. i have played quite some games with your build, and i really love it! however, being from Malaysia, i still have yet have any access to Cyber Exodus cards. that aside, here are some of my 'further enhancements' to the list, due to the fact that almost everyone in my game group runs Kate and 3 copies of Rabbit Hole.

    - 3 x Ash 2X3ZB9CY = 3 x Red Herrings because it is better than trace 4, especially against Kate

    - 3 X Dracos = 3 x Ichi 1.0 simply because there's more 'scary subroutines' with about the same rez cost (Dracos needs to be at least 4 strength to be effective, and there still something about trace 2: end ther run that the runners doesn't seem to mind to not pay as opposed to trace 1: brain damage + 1 tag, especially comboed with ChiLo City Grid)

    - 2 x Pad Campaigns = 2 x Melange Mining Corp. Lots of games have been a waiting game with just one heavily guarded remote server. Economy has been a drag if the runners are not running through the ICE that provides the creds. MMC is a better pick, but just 2, as the third one will just be a dead card in hand.

    - 1 x TMI: 1 x ChiLo. 22 ICE in a deck is heavy, and the fact that TMI is often derezzed does not help the economy at all. So i rather cut this one for a third ChiLo, since the deck is heavily dependant on tags for psychographics and bluffing runners into thinking there's Scorched Earth somewhere in the deck.

    So, that's just my two-cents. Hope to hear from you soon on my mods, and maybe some advice on Cyber Exodus upgrades for this deck.

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