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NBN No ice

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    What a fun deck!
    I'm guessing that this is either a losing deck, or you flatline the runner. With only 5/3 agendas, no way can you score them without the runner stealing it. And you don't have any traps to mislead the runner, either. Now, tag 'n bag is fine, but if the runner has a high link (or enough money to match your traces), then he won't be getting tagged, and you don't have a plan B. Even a Midseason Replacements-Project Beale-Psychographics would be a decent backup that you can easily do without going over 44 cards.
    I think that the goal is to get at least 2 Scorched in hand and one token in Data Raven.. or at least enough tags that the runner can't take them away in one turn.. few agendas makes that the runs for R&D goes almost for nothing.. you can look 5 cards in R&D and with luck.. only one is an agenda.. and then.. Midseasons.. the only problem that i see here is the economy.. maybe a Melange to force the runner to go trought the few ices that you have? maybe you will get a turn for 7 creds before they go to trash it.. and then you can use data raven.. to get the trace and then flatline the runner..
    At tonights tournament this deck won the first round, after that it kept loosing. The reason is... you just don´t need to build up anything, just keep running...

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