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The Truth Hurts v2

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    Here is a beast of a deck that is a Never Advance/ Fast advance style deck but it plays completely different to most other decks. It is 9-0 right now. It very very often wins 7-0 or 7-2. Only once did the runner score 7-5.

    So what makes this deck different? First off it is a completely up to date deck and is able to face every single runner. It is not weak to any runner and is a very quick deck that has a pretty strong economy. This deck has six different traps. Three snares and three shocks. The shocks allow for the archives to be guarded against noise and keyhole. Depending on the runner will depend upon how you play the shocks and the snares. You might use a snare with Sans Sans to keep it guarded and to throw the runner for a loop. This deck is the perfect deck to see why subliminal messaging is so powerful. Subliminal messaging is really good in this deck.

    I also win quite a few games on flatlines due to the fact many runners don't suspect so many traps. Maybe three of nine have been flatlines.

    ry to win very quickly. Get money. Hold all Snares and Shocks in your hand. Put down all San San City Grids to burn money from the runners hand. You can shuffle them back in with Howard Johnson if you need to. Don't give the runner enough time to build up his rig.

    If you test this out, let me know what you think.
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    Just tried this a couple of times, and its a strong deck. Very much enjoyed playing it
    Thanks for testing it out. I have a 5-0 record with it so far. I really like how Subliminal Messaging works in this deck. Let me know if you think of any way to improve on it.
    It's 9-0 as on right now.
    Mar 21 2014 03:49 AM
    I'm not sure I understand how to play this deck. Do you typically need sansan city grid to score your agendas? If so, where do you find all the economy for that? Also, what is the purpose of tagging in this deck?
    I tried it out. And I lost twice in a row with it. I played against a Kate/Atman deck. The Wraparound was brutal against him till he Femmed it. I love the concept though. I think I will drop the Data Ravens. They don't really stop runs. I will let you know how my modded version goes. Deck is still sweet though. Thanks for sharing!

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