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Wayland Flatline


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Name Type Cost Faction

Total Cards: 0
    Sample Hand Reload Other Information


    Ice too low. Economy too spotty. Pulling too many agendas.. Not enough killing.. Aggressive Negotiation is not the card you want.

    What improvements would you suggest Ulkrond?

    Total Cards: (49)
    1x Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World (Core) 
    Agenda: (11)
    3x Private Security Force (Core)    
    3x Priority Requisition (Core)    
    3x Hostile Takeover (Core) 
    2x Posted Bounty (Core) 
    Asset: (6)
    3x Melange Mining Corp (Core)    
    3x Snare! (Core) ■■ ■■ ■■ 
    ICE: (20)
    3x Ice Wall (Core) 
    2x Hunter (Core)   
    3x Enigma (Core)    
    3x Archer (Core) 
    2x Wall of Static (Core)   
    2x Shadow (Core) 
    2x Hadrian's Wall (Core) 
    2x Chum (Core) ■ ■ 
    1x Tollbooth (Core) ■■ 
    Operation: (12)
    3x Hedge Fund (Core)    
    3x Scorched Earth (Core) 
    3x Beanstalk Royalties (Core) 
    2x SEA Source (Core) ■■ ■■ 
    1x Anonymous Tip (Core) ■ 

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