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Elder Things 002

Talking about Syndicate Skill decks
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Podcast File

Attached File  ElderThings002.mp3   24.95MB   739 downloads
Podcast Description: Second episode of the Elder Things podcast, about the Call of Cthulhu LCG from Fantasy Flight Games. In this episode we do some brief faction overviews and talk about Syndicate Skill decks.


Hey Dave & Lee - loved it - a great starter's podcast for CoC. My FLGS still hasn't got it in, but I'm already buying boxes/packs based on your recommendations. Secrets of Arkham is on its way...

You guys pack alot of good info into this episode - I appreciate that. I always listen on headphones, so I can hear the hundreds of edits. :] Keep up the good work dammit.
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The hundreds of edits you may have heard were the result of a runaway silence clipping filter lol. The dark mythos powers are insidious like that. Working on fixing that up. Thanks for the feedback!
I get it. And here I thought you were doing it manually. Don't get me wrong - it doesn't sound bad. Looking forward to my first game - hopefully, this weekend.
Finally played my first couple of games of CoC on the weekend, and am loving it. My first impressions are of what a pressure cooker game it is - so fast to play! No wasting actions in this game - every turn counts big time. Is it typical to come to a conclusion in 45 mins? Even with a little analysis paralysis our longest game was only 1:15.

Now that I know the factions and what you're talking about, I'm REALLY looking forward to your next cast.
Oh, a lot of snips were done manually too. But it turns out that not only is that time-intensive on the editing too much of it can end up less natural sounding so I think we're going to back off just a bit.

I'd say once you've got more experience anywhere between 20-45 minutes is common.