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Elder Things 008

Terror in Venice, Gencon Interviews, Shub spotlight

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Podcast Description: Eighth episode of Elder Things, about the Call of Cthulhu LCG from Fantasy Flight Games. In this episode we discuss News, Terror in Venice, Shub-Niggurath faction spotlight, Gencon interviews and more.


Off Topic: I think when you had that shouting in the background you mentioned, it sounded like it was coming the the L5R players (Legend of the Five Rings). Normally during Kotei's (regionals) between rounds we scream:



three times.
Interesting, thanks for the info. I had no idea what those guys were screaming about :) It makes sense though, L5R would have been in that direction and they were part of the same gaming hall as FFG.
David, I was glad to hear you stump for a second Silver Twilight box. Let's make it a movement!
Also, any chance of posting a text version of your spotlighted Shub-Niggurath cards?