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Season 1, Episode 16

FAQ 5.0 Feature: Targaryen & Champion Card Spoiler!

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Podcast Description: In this week's episode, Istaril and Darknoj briefly go over some FFG news. Then, with special guest and AGOT superstar J. Bruno, we give you part four of our series featuring a house and where it stands in the new meta. Once again, we each build a competitive Targaryen deck to test with or against in your tournament preparations. In addition, J. Bruno spoils his upcoming champion card! Finally, in our closing comments, we announce upcoming regionals.

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As mentioned in the podcast. I tried using the QRC scan of the Fire Made Flesh chapter pack. It took me to an FFG link stating that the pack had not yet been released. This was as of 5/19/14 and my local store got the pack on 5/14/14. When I use the QRC scan on The Champions Purse it worked normally.

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious. I see the maester and summer decklists on agotcards, but not the KotHH. Is that posted somewhere?

Nice episode guys!

First of all, my apologies for not responding sooner - I normally check the podcast announcement articles on the front page compulsively, but these podcast posting pages... well.. apparently once every few months.


Thanks to LordoWar for checking that, it's very interesting to know and suggests the info is being pulled from Cardgamedb. 


Vaapad, if you check the podcast announcement article (here) you'll find not only all 3 agotcard links, but a full decklist in the comments for those who don't subscribe to cardgamedb.