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Season 2, Episode 33

Competitive Play (Ft. Erick & Little C)
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Podcast Description: Something special! In this episode, we go over the news (as usual), but then we bring on the instigator of the latest thrones 'scandal', Seth "Little C" (is that just "c"?) to talk about competitive players, competitive decks, and competitive play in general. A few minutes in, we get interrupted by another very special guest. This one is structured a little differently, but was a blast to record! We close off with our usual closing comments, promoting a new segment and the upcoming Greek Nationals.

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Sep 21 2015 12:15 PM

I thought this was a pretty great dialogue as it pertains to "competition" in Thrones. I found myself agreeing with everyone at one point or another in some aspect of their arguments.


I only really started playing Thrones "competitively" at Gencon 2014 so my scope overall is fairly limited to this community before that, but the community drew me in right away. I have played a lot of competitive games, but I was instantly comfortable with Thrones. There was a sense that there were good players, good competition, but while plenty of people like to be a little playfully arrogant, people were not staking their livelihood on this game and being assholes about it. But it also wasn't too dumbed down of a game.


The Canadians sharing their decklists had a lot to do with my initial interest in playing the game. My first real playtesting sessions when I decided to play at Gencon 14 was to build a lot of the top decks and see how they fared against each other to see if this game was something I wanted to play regularly. I lament that the Indy meta is dead, but at least I have a couple good players from other games I could get interested in Thrones to test with. I had so much damn fun playing all those top decks it made me love the game past a casual place and sparked my interest in coming up with decks. I owe making the cut in my first major tournament, at nationals no less, to their willingness to share with the community, and me testing the waters with a modified version of one of their decks (which I then had the honor of getting knocked right out of my first cut by Jon personally). It gave me the itch to get better for sure. I'm no top level player currently by any stretch, but I had a hell of a showing for my rookie year, in my opinion. So I don't want to toss more fuel onto the debate, as you guys said plenty, but if my personal scenario can apply to other people possibly interested in getting in the game, isn't that pretty great incentive? More players, especially those with a desire to succeed and improve, and some who are out to have a damn good time either way.


The REAL question I want to bring up is... if all you guys love Star Wars CCG so much, why not come back to it? :P


It's still a fun game, a complex game, and I think it's one of the most competitive games to this day. People get together and have a great time, much like Thrones, but I think the competitive level is much more serious. Would be exactly what people like the DC meta would be into.


I imagine a perfect world where all the Thrones players come to SWCCG, and all the SWCCG players become interested in 2.0.

I see you also posted this in the comments of the related article, linked above - thanks! I check these comments about once a month, just to make sure I haven't missed anything.