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2 Champs And A Chump- Episode 100


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Podcast Description: Episode 100- Cast: Will, Zeiler and Darryl. 100th Episode Ultrasode! Interviews with 4 designers! Moonboy Retrospective! Props and Slops! Music: Josh Woodward, Celestial Aeon Project, and Manuel Gertrudixd


Hi guys, I'm new to the podcast, long time player of the Game of Thrones...

Just wanted to say that your insight is incredible, you have a really awesome perspective on the game. I normally don't listen to one-game podcasts, but this is really awesome stuff.

There is one tiny thing that really grinds at me though and that's the way you pronounce some of the House names. Baratheon in particular, you say it completely differently to anyone else. I thought that after the TV series became popular that people would pronounce things the way they do, but apparently not! Is there any way you can start pronouncing things the right way? Sorry to grump about it, but it's the only thing that is below par on the show. Otherwise, excellent stuff.
First, let me say as a fellow podcaster, I love what you do each week. I've played competitive CCGs since the early days of Magic (most of my success was in Magic and Vs System) and resources like your show really help those of us with small or non-existent metagames. That being said, I have a few requests/suggestions. Take them with a grain of salt, since clearly I am not the only listener you have.

1) More game. Less stuff. What I mean is, it's fun to laugh along with you guys, but when the conversation revolves around personal interactions with a small (but well known) playgroup, those of us on the outskirts can only Barnacle so much. We need more game-related topics. Please?

2) Lower the bar. Not everyone who listens is as successful or knowledgeable as your cast. I'm a pretty accomplished gamer, but every time I shuffle AGOT, I realize how little I really understand about the game, the cards, the interactions, and the 'correct' play styles. We need that. I need that. Take more time talking down to the level of your audience. Some of the deck building efforts lately have been good, but there isn't enough discussion about WHY certain cards are good. Or why they're the correct choice for the deck. Or why 2 vs 3 is the right play.

3) Card reviews. The pack reviews are excellent. Something we used to do on TRHC is to evaluate the sets, but then RE-evaluate the older cards after new releases or expansions to the affiliations. It would be interesting, in my opinion, you have you go back though all of the current cycle's packs, to reevaluate the cards in Chapter 1 after seeing Chapters 2-6. Or better, after reviewing the current Chapter, go back and re-rate the best 1-2 cards from each prior Chapter after the newest Chapter has been released.

4) Build better players. You guys are some of the top players in the game. And you interact with even more of the top players. Use that knowledge to make the rest of us better players. We need guidance on proper deck building rules. We need hints about play strategies. We need you to say things like "House of Dreams looks like an amazing card. It is not. Here's why." I'll use myself as an example. Last night I played my 500th game of Thrones, and once again, after the smoke cleared, I had lost. I had excellent cards. I had board advantage. I was even leading in power through the first 4 turns. But I lost. Again. Why? Because I clearly do not understand the game within the game as well as I need to. I understand the rules. I understand the cards. I've read the ORD multiple times to understand timing and specific rules. But I still am missing something. I can't be the only one.

Thanks for your consideration.
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