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2 Champs And A Chump- Episode 109


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Podcast Description: Episode 109- Cast: Will, Darryl, and special guest champ, John Bruno. This week we discuss the recent spoilers and announcemt of the Kingsroad cycle, a Tulsa tournament report, and answer a listener question about Regional prep. Music: Josh Woodward, Celestial Aeon Project, and Manuel Gertrudix


uploaded 106
not 109
ichigokuto, how would one go about downloading that?

Hmm. It automatically turns the link into a media player. Basically, the raw address is www.cardgamedb.com/forums/uploads/2-champs-and-a-chump/Episode_109 if you add dot mp3 at the end.
Thanks for the tip!
My apologies everyone. Not sure how I managed to typo that one. Link is fixed now.
Apr 19 2013 11:21 PM
I think that Alester DOES look a lot like Will Lentz's self image. He could be your pop-pop.
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BAM! Take that, nay-sayers! Someone else agrees with me!
The mere fact that you call it Pop pop, tells me you're not ready ;)