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The Smuggler's Den - A Star Wars Lcg Podcast - Episode 10

This week Tiny and Ben discuss the results of Kingdom Con and other regional results from the first 2 weeks of regional season.

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Podcast Description: This week Tiny and Ben discuss the results of Kingdom Con and other regional results from the first 2 weeks of regional season. Tiny supplies a detailed look at his DS deck, the Hoth Lockdown. They also review the newly spoiled DS pod Jabba's Orders. Tiny and Ben also evaluate the pod Heart of the Empire and have a detailed discussion concerning There is No Escape. Finally, they include 2 segments, pod quiz and card of the week.


Just an FYI but the Search for Skywalker pack was updated earlier this week as shipping now and set to arrive on April 25th as per FFG upcoming page.
Yeah it was actually updated about an hour after we recorded the show. I believe they just wanted to make us look foolish. And FFG, mission accomplished there.
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Not seeing this episode in my podcast catcher yet. Downcast iphone.
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Apr 19 2013 05:37 AM
I had a few meta thoughts early they were covered later
Apr 23 2013 11:54 AM
Hey Tiny,

How has the Hoth Lockdown faired since the tournament?
The deck hast lost 1 time in 20 games. It lost to a first turn yoda with tons of enhancements including an Obi Wan's spirit. Even then i only lost bc my opponent had two counter strokes in hand (he only had 2 cards in hand) for my interrogate/force lightning combo. So I like to pretend it has never lost :).
Apr 24 2013 03:42 AM
Wow thats impressive, my mate and I who have finished in the top 3 of our stores last 2 tournament have been running the Hoth Lockdown with no success, not sure if there was a meta shift but it has gone 0-6 between us. I'm pretty confident I am playing it correctly as my last Sith deck went 32-1.