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The Smuggler's Den - A Star Wars Lcg Podcast - Episode 14

This week Tiny and Ben discuss the most meta shaping cards in the game.

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Podcast Description: This week Tiny and Ben discuss the most meta shaping cards in the game. They also examine a few new decks including Tiny's attempt at building a Dark Time based deck. Additionally, they discuss the merits of not resigning games. Finally, Ben and Tiny offer up their card of the week, combo of the week and Ben gives Tiny a pod quiz.


Really have to disagree with you guys about palp being able to shut down a rebel deck no matter what. It is by far not game over once he comes out on the field. Rebels have a lot of great ways to deal with sith control. One of which is completely being immune to force choke, Force lighting is a scary card yes but if they waste it on home one after he attacks thats fine, rebels are all about the swarm and the little units, home1, and redtwo simply just help.

Also having 2-3 resources left after you pass the turn to them puts DS players in that really weird spot of ok what are they going to play, are they really going to play anything, so if they where going to play palp they might be just that much more hesitant about doing so. Same with playing their other big units. Rebel assault should be used for killing off the royal guards and picking away at units. Killing objectives is rebels assault second mission not their first.
I wouldn't say it is game over for Rebels. However, I would say in most games Palpatine's pod is a real problem for Rebels. That has certainly been my experience and continued so tonight during league play. Whenever I got him turn 2 or 3 it was pretty much game over for my Rebel opponents. He is just really hard to deal with. It's not an insta win,but he seems to be the number 1 threat to Rebel decks. So much so that in my Navy deck I realized I just couldn't handle lucky Rebel draws without him. Having said this, I think Echo Caverns is very useful against Palpatine as I laid out in the combo of the week segment. In the end, we may just have to agree to disagree on the Palpatine front.

Perhaps we can play some games on OCTGN so you can demonstrate just how wrong I am. There would be nothing I would enjoy more than someone demonstrating to me, in a game or three, how ineffectual Palpatine is against Rebel decks.
Jun 13 2013 12:01 PM
Anyone else notice that all of the Meta Defining Cards for the Dark Side are from the Emperor's Pod? = auto-include.
Jun 13 2013 03:54 PM
Isn't there a player action window after attackers are declared? And another after defenders are declared. That is important for Echo Caverns b/c after Papa Palpatine (robot chicken) is declared as attacker or defender you don't have to wait for the edge battle to take his tactics icon with Echo Caverns. Right away you have him at a disadvantage, though winning the edge of course helps. Echo Caverns also goes until the end of the phase so you don't have to give Palpatine's icons to someone in the engagement, which can also be exploited cleverly.

**My bad I only listened to the first half when I commented. You correctly illustrated how Echo would be played later in the show.
Gonna have to fully agree about the lack of resources on light side, and how restrictive that can be. I certainly hope they fix that in Edge of Darkness or upcoming stuff, but the past 3 Jedi pods have had none at all, although AMFB was worth throwing in at the time because of Obi's spirit.

I want to play an LS deck that's consistently good besides Smuggler's Caverns, and right now that seems extremely difficult to find.
this week's podcast had alot of talk about resources. something that I place at the top of my priorities when building decks. I think this would be a great forum topic, because sometimes it's tough to decide if you have enough in your deck, or you need to shoehorn more in.
Really loved this podcast guys.