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The Smuggler's Den - A Star Wars Lcg Podcast - Episode 15

This week Ben and Tiny discuss playing and building the game with an awareness of the match/tournament rules.

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Podcast Description: This week Ben and Tiny discuss playing and building the game with an awareness of the match/tournament rules. They also provide a list of cards they are unlikely to discard and/or play in edge battles. This conversation leads into a discussion of giving your opponent free information. Ben and Tiny also examine the question "is the game too unforgiving?" Moreover, they provide examples of two new deck types they plan to try out this week with the new pack. Finally, they provide their card of the week which they are most looking forward to seeing in action.


Jun 26 2013 06:16 PM
I think the only way Obi-Wan is affordable is to throw him into an edge battle, then get him back w/ return of the jedi. That being said I dont play either of those pods anymore because it costs resources or protection.
taking my forum post and using it in your podcast! thieves!

(jk i luv u guyz)
Jun 27 2013 03:30 AM
HoopJones! I never double check Tiny on anything, but from now on, when he approaches me and says "So there is this discussion on the boards...", I'll make sure he has at least a screen name to do along with it!
I love these podcasts guys! Great work! Thanks!
First, Love the show. Keep up the great work.

Second, Excellent topics tonight. Theory is appreciated by those of us that don't have a large play-group or meta.

Third, two suggestions for future topics (apologies if they have been covered)

A) You talked a lot about mistakes and top-decking making huge impact on the game. Does that correlate with the idea that there are FAR too many "bomb" cards in the game? Most games have one or two game-breaking cards or a couple combinations of cards that win games. But so often, the comment "I drop Palpatine and win." Or "If you open with Five/Wedge/Droid you win." is said during shows. With such a limited card pool, is the percentage of overpowered cards too high? My smallish playgroup would say "Yes". And more importantly, so many cards with that sort of power level means either the power creep will just keep going up, or that future pods will eventually make no impact because the cardbase is already too overpowered.

B) I find that using damage and enhancement hate on resources is almost always the best play (barring a very specific game situation). My experience would suggest that most games by have cards that only impact one aspect of the game (characters, resources, support cards, etc . . .) but because the resources (other than Objectives of course) are so easily effected by 'splash-damage', and resource control can completely change an opponent's game-play, that removal of a single resource can single-handedly win you games by simply preventing an opponent from playing enough cards.

Thanks again. Discuss . . ..