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The Smuggler's Den - A Star Wars Lcg Podcast - Episode 17

This week Ben and Tiny discuss all things Edge of Darkness.
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Podcast Description: This week Ben and Tiny discuss all things Edge of Darkness. They discuss in detail a few new Smugglers builds and examine a few new viable archetypes. They also discuss their failures at building a top level Scum deck and what attempts they've made thus far. Ben brings back the pod quiz and makes Tiny look the fool. Finally, they close with their cards of the week. A big shout out to Ketricel for supplying a nice surprise in the episode. Hope you all enjoy the show.


I'm not even half way through this cast, but I can effectively say that Sith decks get murdered by S+S decks now. Played a few games last night and bamboozleds and Let the Wookie's Win just dominated. I was pretty angry when I had Vader and Palpatine out and they were just finished because damage was just bounced between Wookies and chipped down Vader/Palpatine. Moreover, bamboozling Palpatine is just miserable.
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I hope you are right about this. The thing this game needs the most is better balancing. Of course, I am sure this will always be a swingy balance due to new cards being released and all.
Full sith control is not going to work anymore. There are too many anti sith control cards now. Control DS still happen but it is time to to really break the mold and think out side the box.

Both myself, nate, and matt have had some really good decks for the DS in testing. As well as just just terrible decks in testing.

I love that we finally have enough cards to see different decks rather then the ones most people have been using.
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Jul 24 2013 06:43 PM
I feel like it's appropriate that Ben quizes Tiny, mostly because I feel like Tiny picks on Ben a lot in every podcast.

Ben picks on Tiny more than vice versa he just curses a lot so it gets cut to maintain our clean Itunes rating. But either way its all in fun as we are besties.
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In hope to save a bunch seconds of the next few years I am goind to invest 5 seconds now: Get rid of the intro music!
I wanted to comment on your guys S&V discussion. I actually had/have the same thoughts that Ben and Tiny did on S&V. I feel like many of the sets are better as a single in your deck than running 2 of them. not very many of the chuds make you go "wow" and considering there is duplicates in most of the sets, you can get away with the inconsistent nature that a single set normally brings. I actually posted a longish post in the scum development thread around the day EoD dropped about this and I am glad to see others have come to a similar conclusion.

also, I did the exact same thing as Ben when sorting and building my scum decks. I grouped them into resource sets, capture sets or both. I then further ranked the strength of the capture ability of the cards in the set with things like get me solo, and z-95s at the lower end and cards like capture, bounty, the tatooine crash at the higher end, and I came up with a few decks to test, one I like more than the others and has been doing fairly well in testing this far.

the last thing I wanted to give my thoughts on were why we can't quite figure out if and why scum is bad/good. I feel like unlike most of the other factions have many units that just have that wow factor. Han, Luke, Palpatine, lando, the falcon, Vader, rogue3, leia, the devestator are some of the wow units. scum just doesn't seem to have these type of units, what they do have is powerful events, abilities, and synergy that can somewhat make up for the power deficiency. Yeah not many of our units are going to go toe to toe with Luke, or chewy, but that's why they have so much spot removal. that way they can still compete without these all powerful units that all the other affiliations are digging for every game. in my scum deck, I don't feel like there is any unit I have to have to win. there are some, like jabba, that are nice, but no REAL game changers...at least not yet.

anyways, just some of my personal thoughts from my time with scum so far.

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I liked the music