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The Smuggler's Den - A Star Wars Lcg Podcast - Episode 20

This week Tiny and Ben review the newest Force pack, Battle of Hoth.

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Podcast Description: This week Tiny and Ben review the newest Force pack, Battle of Hoth. Tiny asks Ben "Are Smugglers and Sith breaking the game." Finally, the gruesome twosome provides their cards of the week.


Sep 10 2013 11:03 PM
Sleuths at Worlds? No way! Lobot's Bounce House all day!
So you had 6 or 7 troopers out, Han hit the table, and they all died? Are you sure you aren't missing a rule?

Thanks for the podcast.
Hoth rearguard plus survival gear (or two) equals minimum 8 damage mitigation against hoth objectives.
Han does do a ton of damage to Troopers. When he attacks or defends he does 1 damage to someone and then with targeted strike he will almost certainly kill another.

This means that he will typically kill 1 or 2 per player turn depending on if you are attacking or defending.

If smugglers Han was not so potent in the meta, the game would be a bit better towards trooper decks. Maybe troopers with a dash of capture can allow you to remove that threat? I am eager to see all of Escape from Hoth before stating how this ultimately will shake out.
Overwhelming Force

Cost 2
Force 1
Reaction: When one of your Trooper units receives damage from an enemy unit, capture that unit.