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The Smuggler's Den - A Star Wars Lcg Podcast - Episode 4

Tiny and Ben discuss the power that is the Sith and provide an in depth discussion of how to build a Jedi deck.
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Podcast Description: This week Tiny and Ben discuss the power that is the Sith and provide an in depth discussion of how to build a Jedi deck which stands up to the Sith. Moreover, they provide extensive strategies for playing the deck. As usual the hosts also identify their card of the week and Ben tests Tiny's pod knowledge.


Great podcast guys, thanks for posting it. I gathered that you use pods 19, 20, 23, and 26 for your "Sith" deck using the Naval Affiliation card. What is the 5th pod for this deck? I feel like 24 is the right fit, but I haven't gone 15-2 with any deck yet. Thanks again for such a great podcast.
Yeah you nailed our current Sith deck it's 19, 20, 23, and 26. But we are both experimenting with those last two slots. I was running 35 and 36. 35 was in there to soak up blaster emplacements with Espo fodder. I am experimenting with 1 copy of pod 24 and one 35 and I might go to 24. Ben had been playing 32 to get Tear This Ship Apart to handle the emplacements. But now he's been trying 29 so the deck has 6 beasts (Devastator, Vader, and Empy) instead of only 4. In essence we're still trying to find the "best" build.
Can you post up some of the decklists for the Jedi and Sith decks talked about ?
Have you considered the looking for droids pod in the Sith deck? What do you think of it?

The droids may work better than the espo fodder, even though they're more expensive, they can be replayed after they are destroyed.
It's worse is a very interesting option against interupts.
Dark alliance has two force icons, otherwise you could run this with bespin exchange to toss boba in (Mandalorian armor on palpatine or vader can be good..) It seems like it might have good synergy with the deck design.
Who needs cancels? The Sith can just use Interrogation (the best DS card in the game, for my money) before attempting to play any crucial event.
The entire idea that factions should be perfectly balanced is wrong imo.

Perfect symmetry in a game is fine for a pure strategy game, but in card games it simply doesn't exist and never has and I have a suspicion that if it did exist then the games would suck. Pioleting a great deck build over a current meta challenge is what makes these games great, it also drives the entire "sub-game" of deck building.. that some people like more than even playing. This is the challenge and the fun that imo fuels much of the these types of games real depth of repeat play and makes the “pro” players “feel” like pros.

New packs with new cards swing newer decks into the foreground and older decks fade into fun relics you pull out that are now weak but have a history. People want to win, and win right now... but any player who has played a game for a few years has been on the win win side of OP and on loose loose side of OP.

Also this game is barely out of core, we have only seen spoilers out of core for gawds sake.. Core cards need to be powerful, it is part of the LCG design. aGoT and CoC still run core cards in modern decks years after the core set release. The new Swars packs will smooth out this "balance" problem.

Also, as the game is so new most decks are some newbie player that has played like 5 times total and now is posting a deck, so any new well thought out deck is going to be awesome and own. The first to hit the threads at BGG was the Rebel DD deck... now that this is overcome.. or more accurately "expected".. so it is played around. Now Sith is getting the flack...

In short.... It is all just a lot of qq bitching imo. If people played the game more and talked **** less, balance threads would be a useful resource instead of being just a huge waste of time. I'm not say at this super early stage there is no ballece problems... I am saying that these unproven, these assumed ballence problems are compleatly irrelevent. (at this time)

If you can not name a healthy % of the cards in your oponants deck and understand their use as a deck build, after the 1st three objectives are exposed b4 turn 1.... then just shut the **** up. This is a game about planning and counter strategy based on revealed information.. planning ahead through your turns and original deck building choices. These guys in the cast have it right... you say a deck is OP... **** you .. I'm going ot build a deck to crush it... and all others... now I am OP *****!!

This “balance” issue really pisses me off. This game hasn't even started yet, balance? Give me a fricking break.. lets talk at the end of Hoth.
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