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The Smuggler's Den - A Star Wars Lcg Podcast - Episode 7

This week Tiny and Ben discuss the SoCal league results, deck matchups, Ben's Rebel deck, and traits.

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Podcast Description: This week Tiny and Ben discuss the SoCal league results, deck matchups, Ben's Rebel deck, and traits. They also include 3 segements, pod quiz card of the week, and combo of the week.


Ummm, you guys both mentioned having three resources open for playing either Backstabber or Admiral Ackbar. It was in the context of being prepared for opponent matchups.
I was under the impression that both Backstabber and Ackbar pop into play without having to pay their resource costs.
Mar 08 2013 10:16 PM
The wording on both Backstabber and Admiral Ackbar require you pay their full costs. Check out the wording on those 2 cards and compare it to the Human Replica Droid, and you should see the two requires the paid cost while the other doesn't.
Yes this difference is outlined in the rulebook.
Ah, "play" rather than "put into play," even though the action is puting said cards into play. I see, gotcha.
I just listened.

In your analysis of your Rebel/Jedi decks, you forgot 2 things:
1) There are other characters in Luke's and Red Five's pod: Twi'lek Loyalist. Who can be devastating with Double Strike. There is also Jedi Lightsaber in Luke's pod, which is essentially useless in Rebel deck: the only card in the whole deck as you presented it that can use it is Luke himself.
2) There is really no problem playing 4/6 with the affiliation set for the more favored faction. You risk one in a few games not drawing your Rebel objective, but since cards in both Rebel Fleet and The Defense of Yavin 4 is not rebel resources heavy (with 2 of them both, you have 8 cards in your whole deck that require rebel resources), you can safely go even without Rebel objective).

I was toying with the following:

2x Luke
2x Red Five
2x Red Two
2x Home One
2x Jedi Training/2x Yoda

The problem with that is that nearly all of your units are meager 1/2 health bitches. But both Jedi in Hiding and Believer are awesome with Lightsaber. And you really do want to divide your enhancements on more characters as to give DS much more difficulty who to destroy with Force Lightning.

With the new Hoth expansion, you can scrap Home One, replace it with Hoth Operations (that changes the number of rebel resources requiring cards to 10, but Hoth survival Gear costs 0, so no problem there) and also put in 1x Old Ben in place of 1x Yoda/1x Jedi Training.

Just a food for thought.