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The Smuggler's Den - A Star Wars Lcg Podcast - Gencon!

This week Tiny and Ben present an extra special pre Gen-Con edition of the Smuggler's Den.
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Podcast Description: This week Tiny and Ben present an extra special pre Gen-Con edition of the Smuggler's Den. They discuss preparation for Gencon and how to be successful at a major event. TGO also stops by and provides a lengthy discussion of the meta and what decks we are likely to see at Gencon. Hopefully this episode helps you all get through your lengthy travel. Good luck all!


Nice one. Though I think it's interesting that nobody is listing a full DS / Scum "Top tier deck" perhaps either because of being secretive *or* there is no best Sith / Scum build...
Nice episode, thanks.

I don't get it why you prefer the Paid Informers over the Trandoshan Hunters though Tiny (which you seem to do, even without considering the rest of the pod). Sure, the extra blast damage can be really nice sometime, but so can the extra unit damage (edge strike Sleuths dead). But in Sith control you already have 4x "Paid Informers" in the Apprentices and Security Team - if you add 2 Hunters instead of 2 more Informants, this adds more options. And options are win.
The league kit promo cards are legal only in sleeves. I don't have the newest ones, but are they so tall that they stick out of the sleeves?
The action window crap happens to me all the time...its terribly annoying. People seem do not want to play by the rules if they mess up but if it benefits them they are suddenly all for the rules.
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Aug 13 2013 11:00 PM
Bagels are horrible for you!
What a fantastic discussion on the action window! Would love to hear more actual mechanics strategy like that.

One question I have though is about the scenario where the guy force choked his own Vader, and then used Vader's reaction to do the last damage on the Falcon. After the action of playing Force Choke, doesn't the active player then get an action where he can bounce the Falcon? Or is he prevented from doing so because after the Force Choke, there is a "mini window" where only reactions and interrupts which trigger off the force choke "triggering condition" must be resolved prior to the active player getting an action again, and therefore the active player would need to have an interrupt or reaction that triggers off either Vader's choke or some other triggering condition within that "triggering condition window" prior to the active player then getting an action again? Sorry if it isn't clear, it's not the easiest thing in the world to explain.
Vader's damage comes as a reaction to the action taken. The next action cannot be taken until the actions and it's reactions complete. Ergo the Falcon would die before it had an action window.