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Bounty Listing

Bounty Listing

Bounty Listing

Type: Enhancement
Cost: 2
Force Icons: 1
Faction: Dark Scum and Villainy
Enhance your play area.
Reaction: After an enemy unit is put into play, focus this enhancement to capture that unit. (Limit once per turn.)
Resources Generated: 1
Block Number: 274 - 4 of 6
Set: Desperate Circumstances Number: 2136
Illustrator: Mark Bulahao
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Oct 30 2017 07:47 PM


am i reading it right ??


so my opponent plays luke and i pay 1 to capture him ??

This only works on "put into play" effects, things like the Falcon, Yoda You Seek Yoda, etc. It doesn't trigger if you "play" a unit from your hand the normal way. Splitting hairs on the terminology, I know, but it would be bonkers busted if it worked on normal unit plays. 

ok thanks

Thanks for the clarification pantsyg - it broke my heart to find out I did not have something truly oppressive working. Lol. 

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