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Life Creates It

Life Creates It

Life Creates It

Type: Event
Cost: 1
Force Icons: 1
Faction: Light Jedi
Action: If you control at least 1 Dagobah objective, put all Creature units and enhancements from your discard pile into play.
“You must feel the Force around you.” -Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back
Block Number: 130 - 5 of 6
Set: Between the Shadows Number: 0650
Illustrator: Jose Vega
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Jun 03 2015 06:16 AM

When they say enhancements, do they only refer to **creature enhancements** or any type of enhancements?

Jun 03 2015 02:16 PM

Creature enhancements only. It's explained somewhere in the FAQ that, in this kind of wording, the qualifier (Creature, in this case) applies to all words separated by 'and'.

I would have to disagree

I would have to disagree

Why do you disagree?


FAQ, section 3.4:

(3.4) Qualifiers
When card text includes a qualifier followed by multiple items, the qualifier applies to each item in the list, if it is applicable. For instance, in the phrase “each enemy unit and objective,” the word “enemy” applies both to “unit”
and to “objective.”

I would have to disagree
Then you'd be wrong. This was sorted out when the box released, probably before actually.  on top of which, if the card actually returned EVERY enhancement in your discard pile for 1 cost, you don't think that would be over powered much?    come on.

well your right im wrong guess creature is in bold which would state its precedence also 

It actually has nothing to do with Creature being bold.  That's just the templating for listing Traits.  It's because qualifiers that come at the beginning of a list always apply to the entire list.

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