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Mandalorian Armor

Mandalorian Armor

Mandalorian Armor

Type: Enhancement
Cost: 2
Force Icons: 2
Faction: Dark Scum and Villainy
Enhance a Character unit.
Enhanced unit gains +3 damage capacity.
If enhanced unit is Boba Fett, he also gains targeted strike.
Block Number: 33 - 4 of 6
Set: Core Number: 0093
Illustrator: Tauneo Sanda
* * * * -   1 Bounty Hunting Scum have rated this card!
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Such a cool card, too bad it is in such a terrible set.

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Very true. I have run a 4x Boba deck at one time tho. The enhancements in both pods work much better with their counterpart. Armor gives disintegration Boba a 4 damage targeted strike. Flamethrower gives core Boba a lot more capture options (though I still hardly play core Boba due to his health).

You're definitely right that the enhancements in Boba's pods work better on the other versions of him. Sadly 2-cost enhancements are very hard to justify playing (I feel like the only two work playing are both on LS; Shien Training and Trust Your Feelings, both of which can really mess up combat math for DS).


Sabine's Armor is I feel what this card should have been; 1 cost, 2 pips, 2 health instead of 3 (3 is just overkill and not worth the extra cost) and an effect if placed on the appropriate character. 


Honestly if Boba had another health and Bounty Collection had another pip this would be a pod that would see a lot more play in my opinion.

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