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Smuggler’s Hideaway

Smuggler’s Hideaway

Smuggler’s Hideaway

Type: Enhancement
Cost: 1
Force Icons:
Faction: Light Smugglers and Spies
Enhance your play area.
If you control a [Jedi] or [Rebel Alliance] objective, discard this enhancement from play.

Resources Generated: 1
Block Number: 214 - 5 of 6
Set: Redemption and Return Number: 1043
Illustrator: Jeff Lee Johnson
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I am rather new to this game, but I am confused on the benefit of this card.  It appears that you would only want to play this if your entire deck was smugglers.  I would very much appreciate the groups incite on this.  Thanks!

You're correct that this resource would rarely be played outside decks that only include Smuggler objectives or include so few non-Smuggler objectives that they're unlikely to come up.


As for the benefit, Smuggler's Hideaway is a resource that pays for itself the turn it's played. Unlike most resources, it's not Limited, which means it can be played on the same turn as a Cloud City Casino, Central Computer or Cloud City Guest Quarters to set up a huge resource base for next turn. It can also be played on the same turn as Well Paid, an event that reduces the cost of each vehicle and each pilot by 1. Since the set's droids protect vehicles, that's a nice bonus.

You are correct, you probably only want to play this card if your entire deck is Smugglers.  The benefit is in the resource ramp it provides.  It effectively costs nothing on the turn you play it (costs 1, but provides 1 resource) and doesn't have the Limited keyword unlike most other 1-for-1 resources.  So you could actually play 2 copies of this card and another resource (eg Deneba Refueling Station) all on the same turn.

Makes sense.  Thank you!

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