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Rogue Squadron X-Wing

Rogue Squadron X-Wing

Rogue Squadron X-Wing

Type: Unit
Cost: 2
Force Icons: 0
Icons: 1 1
Faction: Light Rebel Alliance
Vehicle. Fighter.
Action: Discard attached Pilot enhancement to remove all damage and focus tokens from this unit.
Formed from the survivors of the Battle of Yavin, Rogue Squadron was at the forefront of the Alliance offensive against the Empire.
Health: 3
Block Number: 141 - 3 of 6
Set: Ready for Takeoff Number: 0700
Illustrator: Matt Bradbury
* * * * -   1 Rebel Sympathizers have rated this card!
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Having Derek "Hobbie" Kilvian on this card won me the game, great action ability.

wedge is great on here as is Luke too.  wedge essentially allows for a triple strike, and Luke makes this thing a beast with 2 black blasters, a black blast and a black tacticts and 3 health, that can double strike if need be.  And of course, you can always get your pilots back from the dicard pile with stay on targets.  very good card, even with zero force icons as, you want every one of these on the table.  2 cost is amazing, imo, for this fighter.   Great card!

So, with Grand Moff Tarkin killing pilots on sight these days, is this card still good? In some ways, I feel that GMT made almost an entire cycle of Force Packs unplayable.

Tarkin hurts them but you can play around him with the stay on targets and by giving him too many targets to blank. Regardless they are 2 cost for 3 health and all black icons so its a pretty solid unit.
I feel like the perception that Tarkin makes Pilots unplayable has hurt Pilots much more than Tarkin himself.

I think it's not him alone.

Pilot gets killed by tarkin

2 cost units vs moment of triumph

Low edge vs I have you know

Running this pod can be a gamble but there are other pods are not nearly as sensitive to navy as this one. Falcon, Farlander or red five can all do fine.

I feel like the perception that Tarkin makes Pilots unplayable has hurt Pilots much more than Tarkin himself.

An interesting idea - care to elaborate? I don't know anyone willing to take the risk of playing a piloting based deck at a high level event with GMT on the scene.
Do you think people are ignoring some strong pilot decks that would be fine? Would you like to share the cards you'd put into such a deck?

I think the point is the problem with sets like this now has less to do with Tarkin and more to do with Moment of Triumph.  Tarkin can deal with one pilot at a time.  MoT can deal with a swarm of vehicles in one fell swoop. 

And Doctrine itself, since vehicles don't have a whole lot of resources, and often need to do multi-engages every turn to maximize the unopposed bonus.

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