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Apr 02 2015 11:15 PM

You realizes your running 6 empire Objectives and 4 Sith objectives but with a Empire affiliation? I can't remember the exact math but that means that like 1 in 3 games you won't be able to play sith cards at all? 

Have you tried Kuat Reinforcements in place of Superior Numbers? The objective helps vomit out fighters every turn, and you get more copies of the almighty Tallon Roll. Plus, Backstabber is a Black Squadron unit, which can occasionally be relevant.


Running KR also allows you to switch to Sith affiliation to further reduce resource-matching issues.

Personally these tie decks are really weak to me. I would play anything else than a all tie deck. I think running a few ties is good but not a all out tie deck but its getting better with the expansions. Now if their was a tie like moldy crow that would be awesome lol.

Apr 03 2015 02:01 AM

I'm running something similar at the moment, it almost wins everytime.( meaning it never wins, but comes close)

How do you come close to winning the cards don't have much force icons for edge?

If you run 6 Navy and 4 Sith with the Navy affiliation, there's only a 7.14% chance of NOT drawing a sith objective in your opening 4.  It's 6 choose 4 / 10 choose 4 = 15/210.  If you go 5-5 it's actually only 5/210 =2.4% chance of not drawing an objective from the affiliation that doesn't match your affiliation card.  So running 6-4 with the affiliation going with the 6 objectives isn't really that bad.