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7 reserve, Sith Navy Fleet


Edited post, removed not actual issues.


Guys, give me your comments please.

Big issue I have with Sith/Navy is the requirement to develop your table. T1s are generally poor. Double Might and Executor guarantees 5 resources T1 for always being able to deploy Chimaera (your only solid T1 main) but you're realistically not getting a T1 Palp (which is understandable). 


I see cost curve being a big issue in your deck, 10 total units with 5+ cost (would honestly prefer that cut in half, but there's validity in having Palps as edge fodder). Lots of resources but there's way too many limited in your deck (get some non-limited in, helps for ramping). Try Fate Vader out instead of GA Palp, more multi-faceted, still has high edge and isn't clogging your deck with resources.


I tend to stray away from Fist in these types of decks because not enough uniques to actually trigger it. Entrapment and Entrenched have no unique units. If you insist on keeping it, trim it down to a 1-of and make room for double Endor Entrapment (Gladiators are a must).


No Twists is a major downside. I don't like the Twists that Sith has, but Sith/Navy's big advantage is the fact that they have better access to those than Scum/Navy. Unfortunately, you need to have 2 in your deck with the current meta.


Low bomb count will give you difficulty in closing out games as well. 

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Thank you.
I assumed Palpy will be most of time on edge but indeed, to many limited cards were issue.

I made according changes. Put Jerec for money and included Vader.

Decide to keep yularen though. Even If I do not have chance to use fist, I really like set overall and find worth it : )

Deck seems to me now waaaay more balanced.

What is your opinion?

Edit: But this Vader... Somehow doesnt fit me there :/ Any ideas what could fit?

What's the current decklist? 

This above

2x Entrapment

2x Might

2x Yularen

2x Jerec ( for resources)

2x Core Palpatine

2x Fate Vader (just by trust, didnt test him yet: ) Still on his way, cant wait till I get him )

Sorry for the belated response!

It doesn't seem bad at all. Jerec's an interesting choice (him and Might guarantee you 5 resources on T1, huge pro) and I can see why you included him in there. I think GA Palp works better with him than Core Palp honestly but Core Palp has some pretty important removal elements, Web has another important event to reduce cost on and there's enough characters for the Royal Guard to protect. 


I think the deck suffers from the same issues I previously mentioned (no Twists, not enough uniques for reliable triggers of Fist and lack of bombs to close out games) but you got a great base here and this is something that's worth playing to see what you like and don't like about it. 

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Thank you mate for your tips : )

 Yeah, I understand  reasons about twist. I really wish to include some here, have the same problem with jedi btw :/, ( can't really find the place so far : [ )

I am going to do some testing and update this topic after that : )

I got to say, Jerec pod makes it monster!

Plus, with 7 reserve and eventual mouse droids it is not that hard to pull unit for fist. If you cant though, you can always discard it. At least i personally feel it worth it. 

Btw, I didn't expect very good results with this deck and so far, I am veeery veeeery surprised!

Edit: Still, I dont feel Vader obj set there :/ Wish to put sth else for it, for example Sariss, but as you said already, definitely 2 many limited cards then :X

Edit2: Changed my mind,  fate Vader works very well against jedi :D

Edit3: Srsly, 7 reserve and Jerec make this deck monster, literally. I never expected it.