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Feel the force of The Dark Side

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could do sluth scouts with a rebel mix?

vehicle are pretty good here cause force choke wont affect the vehicle.

From my experience it doesnt look so bad against vehicles and i would even say this decks wins easily more than 50% against rebel/ spies.

If you know what you can expect.


-Force is yours

-If you wont be dead in early, that means you should already have some tricks to slow opponent down(just mill urself or dont forget about extra draw)

-Vehicle opponent generally doesn't assume you gonna push him, so you should be able to destroy key objectives without trouble.

- You have a lot of low cost units


It gives you unexpected pushing power with far more control than opponent.


Edit: And force choke are only few cards, which you just mill for different

Reasoning behind Hand of the Emperor? There are many better sets IMO.

I just like Mara. Btw she deals well, join me ican be also helfpul. Support fire aint so bad, the rest almost always discarded :P

Its pretty situational. But mara gives huge offensive power.(however wouldnt take objective just for one card. (Unless i like it :P))

If you like it, that's okay and understandable. I generally don't pick a set if half of it feels like dead weight. At least the Agents are 2 force pips, so they're not bad for edge anyway. The objective is only one, so that's not terrible. The rest is fine to good. I see your point.

That Mara is very good pushing force, because she removes one focus before next turn and I found it fits my playstyle better than any other objective set.

I like that Mara a lot; too bad you can't swap her into the Agent of the Emperor set.

Not many options to attach force to her : (

I thought it over and this Mara is really not worth to keeping this objective in :D

What are your suggestions to put instead of her?

If you're into strong events to showcase what the Dark Side is capable of, Scouring the Empireor Ghosts of the Dark Side are sound options thanks to Force Storm and Shockwave. For all around more playable sets, Echoes Mara and Cruel Interrogations are nice additions.

Executor is always awesome thanks to the Holocron, but it's one of those pods that you really need to play as 2x IMO.

Yeah, those pods like executor and mara I dont consider as best options. Cruel Interrogation... Well I feel likebetter is for me Ghosts of the Dark Side.(that was my first thought). But its just my oppinion, as many players as many thoughts: p

I use cruel interrogation instead of Mara.

Sometimes I feel little lack in resources. Imma put 2x Slave market. 1 goes for interrogations, you have any idea what I should replace with another one?

Maybe any Ideas what I could add here to make it stronger?

Just bad luck, probably. You have a good amount of resources. 4 Libraries, 2 Dark Temples and 2 Advisors.

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Yeah, 8 resource cards over and above your objectives is getting to be borderline too many. I certainly wouldn't go more than 8, specially if your adding sets in specifically to get more. It's really simple math tbh, if you have 8 resource cards, and 50 cards in your deck, you should be able to draw up a resource every 6.25 cards, so damn near every turn if your dumping your hand every turn. I'm not sure how long you've been playing but many newer players tend to hold cards they shouldn't, and other cards longer than they should before pitching them either to an edge battle or discard pile which limits their card draw.

You have right. Resource is ok. I had added question for my friend who plays this deck now and had some problems, but I tested it again by myself yesterday and resources look very good.

Yeah, your going to have those outlier games where you don't draw resources, or all your events or good units are buried at the bottom of your deck.