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Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so Precise...

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I love playing Trooper decks. I suggest looking into Take them Prisoner and Asteroid Pursuit. The Troopers in Take them Prisoner aren't the best but I love Detained, Trooper Assault, and Tear this Ship Apart. I added Asteroid Pursuit to my Trooper deck because I felt I needed other ways of getting shields if I didnt have Family Connections out. Its not the best deck out there but heres what Ive been running for a fun trooper deck. 2x Family, Dark Trooper, Take them Prisoner, 1x Asteroid Pursuit, Sabotage in the snow, Reinforcements, and Imperial command.

How much do the cards from Lord Vader's Command contribute? Could easily be something else, as long as Imperial Suppression isn't absolutely necessary.

I run a trooper capture deck with Take Them Prisoner, Cruel Interrogations, and The Interrogation as my capture mechanic.  I use Family Connections, Imperial Command, and Asteroid Pursuit.


I get some discard, some capture, and some shielding this way.  The Trooper Assault is good for a good counterstrike after a LS blitz.

Similar to what I run with a few key exceptions.  I don't run vader because he always feels like over kill for the cost.  I'd rather have another orbital with motti pod for resources anyway.  I also don't run the 501s pods.  Instead I use the general's imperative.  The two walkers with shielding are good and it comes with general veers which gives all your troopers that necessary third unit damage.  I also agree with stubobj about getting take them prisoner into the deck.  On top of the 3 cards he listed, I love drawing the 2 one-cost troopers in the pod.  Especially at the start because you can drop alot of units right at the beginning only to refill your hand and do it again the next turn.  Heres my list


2x General's Imperative

2x Family Connections

2x Imperial Command

2x Take them Prisoner

1x Sabotage in the Snow

1x Dark Trooper Project

i personally like lord vader command objective but I would probably put 1 in. How about espo troppers?  

I've tried to put espos in there but theres nothing I'm willing to lose to make room for them.  Same with vader pod.  I don't think its terrible but I think the deck is better without

Id only run Espos if you are trying for the Killing Cold/Tagge combo.